3 Tips for Remodeling Your Master Bathroom for Resale

Remodeling Your Master Bathroom For Resale

If you’re thinking about putting your home on the market, now may be the perfect time. Conventional wisdom has long told us that the warming weather of spring and summer offers homeowners the best conditions to garner interest in their home and facilitate a sale, and in this case, conventional wisdom has proven true. In fact, according to REALTOR.com, one of the premier internet resources for all things real estate, 50% of home sales every year take place in the summer months alone.

Trying to sell any home with outdated living spaces is a challenge, regardless of location or value. While updated bathrooms, even half baths, throughout your home will most certainly help your case when trying to entice potential buyers, nothing is quite as important to the modern home seeker as the comfort of an updated master bathroom ensuite. A recent poll from CBS News lists a master bathroom as one of the top 5 features buyers consider very important when looking for a house, which means if you want your house to move quickly, you’re going to need to give buyers what they want.

Today, we’re going to show you how to gear your master bathroom construction or remodel towards creating something that will not only be of interest to those who might want to buy your home, but will also will help get you the best return on the money you invest.

First Impressions are Everything

A master bathroom remodel can be a powerful force in not only helping to get your home sold, but also helping you get the most value when the buyer does decide to write the check – but first you’ve got to get them there. An article in This Old House tells us that kitchens and bathrooms are the two areas in a house where people look first when deciding whether they’re interested in a home or not, so having an outdated, or lack-of, master bathroom may turn off a potential buyer before they even see the lay of the land – a definite no-no in the world of sales.

When buyers are presented with a newly remodeled master bathroom filled with desirable attributes, they are much more apt to walk away from viewing the house with increased interest – an essential component for not only selling your home, but maximizing its value. This all points to the fact that simply having a remodeled master bathroom gives you a better chance of selling your home quickly, and for more money, regardless of what you put in it.

Build a Bathroom and Shower for Two

However, don’t think that what you put in it isn’t important. The U.S. News and World Report tells us that bathroom renovations can yield an average 62% return on your monetary investment, one of the highest margins of any remodel project, but with the added caveat that “you’ve got to do it right.” Part of “doing your bathroom right,” according to U.S. News and World Report means focusing your master bath remodel on creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere that will keep both members of a couple happy. Many “must-have” lists for potential buyers include plenty of “his and hers” items, like one of the hottest on the market today: double sinks. These champions of personal space make buyers feel like they’re living in the lap of luxury, and will definitely yield positive results when it comes time to make a sale.

When it comes to bathing, research also shows that buyers want comfortable, roomy shower stalls that will not only get them clean, but are also easy to clean. This means that if space is an issue, forgo the tub and concentrate on installing a stand alone shower stall with tile, not fiberglass, as the surface material. Buyers also want updated showerheads and faucets that allow them better control of the flow and temperature of the water to create a the most customized shower experience possible.

Bonus tip: All things high tech are also extremely popular in the home-buying market, so consider adding digital thermostats, bluetooth speaker systems, or other technological innovations to your shower to grab attention and inspire buyers to spend.

Incorporate Modern and Unique Comfort Features

One of the main reasons people decide to purchase a home is because their current space just doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles they’re looking for, and they’d rather not put in the time or effort to update their space when they can buy new. Getting potential buyers to buy-in with their emotions is a great way to also get them to buy-in with their checkbook, and buyers easily form emotional attachments to bonus comfort features that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but that they won’t be able to forget.

If you instill in a possible home buyer the feeling that living in your house will provide them a pampered life, you’re one step closer to making a sale. Consider adding modern spa-like conveniences like heated flooring, fog-free mirrors, or steam capability to your bathroom remodel. While these may not be the single deciding factors a buyer may consciously consider when purchasing a home, they most certainly will be hot topics of discussion on the ride home and in the back of their minds throughout the buying process.

The truth is that bathroom trends are always changing, but an updated, spacious master bath will never go out of style. If you’re looking for a way to add some extra value to your home before you get ready to sell, remodeling or building a master bathroom is a great place to start. With ReBath’s exceptional turn around time, quality craftsmanship, and experience creating exceptional bathrooms, now is the perfect time to engage the pros at ReBath of Phoenix Arizona and get started on your remodel to take advantage of the coming summer selling season.

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