5 Characteristics of Perfect Kitchen Cabinets

Phoenix, Arizona

The cabinets make the kitchen. They not only dictate the look and feel of the kitchen, but determine the organization of the space. When choosing your kitchen cabinets, there are five characteristics to consider. By keeping these five traits in mind, you can rest assured that your kitchen will look its best!

1. Style

A general rule is to keep the style consistent throughout the house. If you have a modern style house, your kitchen cabinets should reflect that. If you have a Southwestern style home, (which is very popular out here in Phoenix), then your kitchen should reflect that environment. Whatever your style, consider how your cabinetry can compliment the space. Now, just because style consistency is a time tested rule, doesn’t mean you can’t break the rule! Plenty of people are allocating different styles to each room of the house. While your kitchen may be rustic, the living room could have a 1920s vibe. That being said, it’s up to you! Find a style that works for you and then go for it! Don’t hold back!

2. Color

There are three components to consider when choosing the color of your kitchen cabinets;


  • Style

  • Appliances

  • Personal Taste!


Style and color go hand in hand. You couldn’t have a truly 1940s kitchen with metallic colored cabinets, for example. The style largely dictates what colors you can use. It is important to note how the color meshes with the appliances. Stainless steel appliances can usually work with any color. Finally, you should consider what you like! Just because earthy tones match your granite, doesn’t mean you have to use them! Make sure you are choosing a color your like! You’ll be the one staring at it from years to come.

Some popular kitchen styles and colors around The Valley of The Sun include:

Desert Inspired/Classic & Sleek


This clean and elegant layout reflects its natural outdoor surroundings by utilizing a variety of dark browns and earthy tones. Did you notice the see-through cabinets? These are great for showcasing fine china, wine glasses, or other beautiful serving wear. You’ll notice the cabinets are set just below the ceiling. This gives the kitchen a more open look and the right lighting can add a dramatic flare to the space.

The granite counter tops and back splash are complimented by the dark wood in the kitchen cabinets. Overall, this look is inviting, warm and well put together.


 Country Inspired


These rustic cabinets give the kitchen an old-time country look, popular in many homes around central and southern Phoenix. Most notably is the accented cabinets surrounding the oven and stove. This not only provides depth to the space,  but also gives a beautiful focal point. Utilizing an accent color in the design of your cabinets can really make the space appear larger and more unique.

You’ll also notice the wet bar on the left hand side. That space could have easily utilized to include a desk and workspace, or an area for more storage. Our designers at ReBath and 5 Day Kitchens, can help you design the perfect kitchen for your space.


 Urban Modern

The word to best describe these kitchen cabinets is “cool.” They are very modern with a little bit of edge. The handles are sleek and accent well against the dark color. A horizontal handle usually makes the space appear wider, and therefore larger, than it actually is.

Notice the lighter colored cabinets on the island. As in the picture above, these accent cabinets add depth and a nice focal point to the space. You may have also noticed the vertical handles on the accented cabinets. Don’t be afraid to mix up styles and designs within the same space! Although the differences between a horizontal and vertical handle may seem small, they can make a huge impact on the overall style and feel.


3. Storage

Most people don’t take storage into consideration until it is to late. Don’t be one of them! When designing your kitchen, make sure your cabinets have a surplus of storage. This cannot be stressed enough! Having a kitchen that looks impeccable is not enough.

In order to get the most storage in your kitchen cabinets, make sure you take full inventory of ALL kitchen related items. Then create 10%-20% more storage in your new kitchen. This way you will be able to handle additional products. Plus, if you ever sell your home, the plentiful storage will increase your home’s value.

Our showrooms in Phoenix, AZ, are filled with different storage ideas. Stop by and see how you incorporate storage and functionality in your kitchen area.


4. Price

The cost for remodeling a kitchen varies from client to client. However, it is free to find out exactly how much it will cost to get the kitchen of your dreams. Contact one of our ReBath designers today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.



5. Upkeep

Make sure you understand what cleaning supplies work well with your cabinetry. A ReBath Designer can tell you exactly what cleaners won’t damage your cabinets and also offer instructions on maintenance. You can find a full list of approved ReBath Cleaners by clicking here!