A Big Kitchen Remodel for a Small Space

A Cohesive Kitchen Remodel in a Small Space

Starting With a Small Space

No matter how large or small a space, we take on the challenge and bring the client exactly what they want. In this article, we want to walk you through a recent kitchen remodel for a client who wanted all the functionality and feel of modern design, while maintaining the “old-time feel” of a cabin near the water.

The space was very small, so we worked with the client to take advantage of what space was available. To start, we opened up the kitchen, making room for a peninsula countertop and a larger dining area. In order to add to the kitchen space, we took a few feet from the neighboring bedroom that was already too large and rarely used. Since the kitchen received almost all of the traffic and was used infinitely more often than the bedroom, pushing the wall from the kitchen into the bedroom made perfect sense. Nobody has ever complained about having too much space in their kitchen!

With the kitchen space allocated, we had to determine an overall design concept. Because of the home’s proximity to water, inspiration was drawn from nautical design elements, while stainless steel fixtures and appliances were used to give the kitchen a modern feel the client desired. Complementing the nautical and modern design was light-colored, but exciting countertops and backsplashes. Together, these elements presented a kitchen that was modern as much as it was vintage – a thrilling combination.

Let’s take a look at some of these design elements more closely and why they worked so well in the space.



In this picture, you can see that a white countertop was chosen. Because the flooring and cabinets were dark, a light-colored countertop provided the lightness the kitchen needed.

White countertops also show less dirt and dust compared to darker countertops. This specific slab also makes cleanup a breeze! Often times, with tile countertops or granite, it is tough to remove all the grime – the grooves in the tile hold grim and the granite makes it harder to see what needs to be cleaned. This white countertop allows you more easily to ensure its cleanliness.




Perhaps our favorite part of the remodel was the backsplash! The splash was made of new colored tiles. While you can’t appreciate the true effect in pictures, this backsplash has a sparkle and shimmer to it, bringing an unexpected “flare” to the kitchen. With vintage cabinets and modern appliances, the backsplash added humor and luxury to space.

The tiles act as a complementary border between the dark navy blue cabinets and the bright white countertop. You will notices hints of blue, grey, and white that compliment the other colors in the kitchen. If you look harder, you may notice some green colors within the splash. By having no green in other parts of the kitchen, the backsplash still comes off as its own design piece.

Everyone who saw this kitchen made a point to comment on how much they loved the backsplash.




As previously mentioned, dark flooring was chosen. This added warmth and the “cabin feel” the client wanted. The floor is made of oak and was laid in planks. The oak wood was laid throughout the entryway that leads to the kitchen.

Just because you’re remodeling is focusing on the kitchen area, doesn’t mean you can ignore the surrounding space. By matching the floor in the kitchen and entryway, the home looks cohesive and well thought out. Our designers are experts at not only remodeling your target space but ensuring that the surrounding space feels and looks complimentary. Often times a simple reflooring is all a space needs. (If you are looking for flooring solutions, visit our sister company’s website, Floor Coverings International of Phoenix.)

These oak floors can be cleaned with most cleaning products.

The sink featured in the photo above is stainless steel apron/farm sink. You can read more about sinks by clicking here.


Cabinets & Drawers


While all design elements of the kitchen are important, perhaps most important are the cabinets. In this remodel, a custom dark blue color was created for the client. As previously mentioned, because this home was near water, nautical elements were used as inspiration for the remodel. The navy blue offers a nice contrast to the white countertops and light-colored backsplash. What makes these cabinets even more unique is the vintage and distressed markings. On each cabinet, a few distressed marks add to the charm of the space. In this remodel we wanted to really focus on the old-time cabin feel while still including modern elements of design and functionality. The client wanted this space to feel “lived in” and adding vintage marks helps achieve this.

The drawers were also made of oak and matched the kitchen cabinets. The drawers have a “soft-close,” meaning, they will not bang or make a sound when you close them. In fact, you could slam them shut and they would “catch themselves” before closing and shut with ease, precision, and silence. They’re awesome.


Because of the kitchen’s small space, storage and functionality was a must. To get as much storage as possible, these corner drawers were created. This ensures that every inch of possible storage space is being used. These drawers are very deep and have individual compartments to accommodate a variety of items.

Lazy Susans were used in corner cabinets to not only add more usable space but make grabbing items easier.

Don’t let a small space deter you from a remodel. In fact, those are often the most necessary to remodel. Many products and construction techniques can be implemented to add size and functionality to small spaces.


Cabinets: Showplace, maple wood, Vintage, custom color, soft close hinges, and drawers
Sink: Apron or farm sink, Stainless steel
Flooring: Karndean: Morning Oak, Oak Premier, 36″x6″ plank


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