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Must-Have Kitchen Essentials for Your New Kitchen

Rely On Our Kitchen Remodeling Company For Expert Advice

Are you considering a kitchen remodel? You likely have questions regarding must-have kitchen utensils and appliances to make cooking in your new kitchen a breeze. As an experienced kitchen remodeling company, Re-Bath & Kitchens would love to help you plan the perfect kitchen for your family’s needs. For over 40 years, we’ve assisted homeowners throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria, Prescott Valley, and elsewhere in Maricopa County. Below, please find what our experts recommend as must-have kitchen essentials for your Arizona home. When you’re ready to get started on a new kitchen design, reach out to our team to request a free initial consultation. We make kitchen upgrades easy!

Give Yourself The Tools & Space Necessary For Food Prep

Whether you’re new to cooking or have a lifelong passion for making memorable meals, giving yourself ample space and the proper kitchen utensils for food prep is essential. Every budding chef needs knives, cutting boards, stainless-steel mixing bowls, measuring cups and spoons, and other tools to experiment with creating new recipes. In addition to your chef’s knife, you might also want to purchase a paring knife, a serrated knife, and a knife sharpener to keep those blades ready to chop various foods.

However, no kitchen is complete without countertops to give you room to mix or chop your ingredients. Our kitchen remodeling experts would be happy to recommend the best kitchen countertop materials resistant to scratches, stains, and household chemicals. Whether you prefer a cost-effective option, such as solid surface kitchen countertops, or you’re interested in investing in more durable granite, quartz, or marble countertops, we can help. Once you’ve selected the material, we can discuss available countertop colors and patterns to add more visual appeal. Trivets can help you protect your new countertops, while splatter guards can help you protect your kitchen backsplashes.

Stainless-Steel Skillets & Other Essential Cookware

Whether you live alone or have a growing family, you’ll need assorted saucepans, skillets, and other cookware to prepare meals. Nonstick or stainless-steel skillets will give you the best bang for your buck, but don’t forget about a wok for delicious stir-fries and a stockpot for hearty stews. From cookie sheets to muffin pans, roasting pans, and glass casserole dishes, don’t forget to include bakeware on your basic shopping list. Once you start adding graters, meat thermometers, vegetable peelers, colanders, tongs, spatulas, ladles, whisks, and other kitchen utensils and gadgets, you may want to consider adding storage containers. Better yet, it could be time for a kitchen upgrade with additional storage space.

Today’s kitchen cabinets come in assorted colors, styles, and materials to make organizing and storing your kitchen essentials and cookware more convenient. Our kitchen remodeling company specializes in the installation of natural wood cabinets in any color, stain, or finish you desire.

Essential Appliances Like Electric Hand Mixers & Slow Cookers

Kitchen appliances such as electric can openers and hand mixers, high-powered immersion blenders, slow cookers, air fryers, and Dutch ovens have simplified modern meal prep. Toss in desired ingredients, and you’ll have decadent creams, sauces, soups, and more in a fraction of the time it would’ve taken in decades past. With the advent of new kitchen appliances comes the need for upgraded electrical plug-ins and kitchen lighting. Re-Bath & Kitchens can help you add recessed lighting to your kitchen ceiling, walls, and other surfaces, as well as under-cabinet lighting, dimmers, and pendant lighting to aid you while prepping your family’s meals. No matter which kitchen appliances you consider to be essential, you’ll need a well-lit, comfortable space to cook and serve your new kitchen creations.

Request A Design Consultation From Re-Bath & Kitchens’ Experts

Re-Bath & Kitchens is your go-to kitchen remodeling company for start-to-finish kitchen remodels. We’ll take care of everything from product ordering and permit scheduling to demolishing your existing kitchen and installing all-new products. Our experienced contractors strive to simplify the kitchen remodeling process to transform your kitchen as efficiently and effortlessly as possible. If it’s time you considered a kitchen overhaul, we’re here to exceed your expectations. Contact us today to get started with a complimentary design consultation to discuss your creative kitchen design goals!

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Kitchen Cabinet Style Guide

Our Remodeling Company Specializes In Kitchen Remodels

Cabinets are a crucial part of exemplary kitchen design. They make the storage of dishes, appliances, spices, and other pantry essentials possible without overwhelming your kitchen space. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, Re-Bath & Kitchens has 40+ years of expertise to assist you in selecting the best kitchen cabinet styles for your Arizona home. No matter your budget or preferences, the possibilities for new kitchen cabinets are endless. We have three showrooms in Peoria, Scottsdale, and Prescott Valley to serve residents of Phoenix, Maricopa County, and Northern Arizona. We encourage you to visit the showroom closest to you to browse our selection of kitchen cabinet materials in person.

Choose Cabinets That Complement Your Kitchen’s Aesthetics

Kitchen cabinets are typically classified as either American- or European-style. Whichever style you select, you want to ensure they complement the rest of your kitchen’s aesthetics. Other factors often influencing which cabinet style or material you choose include cost, durability, and maintenance. Kitchen cabinets are an investment, as they serve as the room’s structural foundation. Beautifully installed cabinets can elevate your kitchen’s look and feel, which is why they’re often at the center of most kitchen remodels. At Re-Bath & Kitchens, we’re with you from start to finish of the kitchen remodeling process. Whether you’re replacing outdated kitchen cabinets with creaky doors or giving your entire kitchen an overhaul, it all begins with a free design consultation with our skilled contractors.

What Are The Most Common Types Of American-Style Cabinets?

American-style kitchen cabinets may be made of hardwood, plywood, or medium-density fiberboard. They’re usually stained or painted, with a variety of custom finishes available. The most common types of American-style kitchen cabinets include:

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

The Shaker style dates back to the 18th century, making it a classic cabinet design that never goes out of style. Flat-panel doors and simple lines characterize Shaker-style kitchen cabinets. Due to their versatility, Shaker cabinets are suitable for any design and work well with open shelves and hutches.

Craftsman (Mission) Kitchen Cabinets

Craftsman-style kitchen cabinets are prized for their warm, rugged charm. Whether you have a rustic farmhouse-inspired or modern beach house-inspired kitchen, these cabinets pair well with most designs due to their simplistic style. Most Craftsman-style cabinets are made from medium-colored woods.

Raised Panel Kitchen Cabinets

Raised panel kitchen cabinets give the appearance of multiple tiers for a more ornate look and feel. Due to their eye-catching patterns and classic appearance, raised panel cabinets remain popular among homeowners. Customizing your cabinets’ hardware and countertops gives you endless design options.

Beadboard Kitchen Cabinets

Beadboard kitchen cabinets look similar to the retro bed board paneling found in many mid-20th century campers. This material is making a comeback thanks to its textured detail, although it can be difficult to maintain due to the design crevices. Beadboard cabinets have straight or square patterns.

Other Types of Kitchen Cabinet Styles You May Want to Consider

When looking for new kitchen cabinets, you have many options. Other popular kitchen cabinet styles you may want to consider for your Arizona home include:

Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

Whether your home has traditional or rustic décor, distressed kitchen cabinets remain popular. Their appearance is achieved by rubbing or distressing the material to give it an older or antique look and feel. Distressed cabinets can help you add a unique charm to your kitchen space.

Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets with glass doors help add depth to smaller spaces, making them more appealing. Glass doors require more maintenance, but they complement virtually any kitchen style. Having glass cabinetry allows you to see everything inside them, adding pops of color and simplifying organization.

Louvered Kitchen Cabinets

Louvered kitchen cabinets are known for their distinct horizontal wood slats. While louvers are usually associated with window shutters, louvered cabinets make a beautiful addition to any kitchen. They can make a small kitchen look and feel bigger, while the gaps in their slats help ventilate your drying dishes.

Flat-Front (Slab) Kitchen Cabinets

Flat-front or slab kitchen cabinets feature minimalist designs without any beveling, ornamentation, frames, or panels. Due to their simplicity, flat-front cabinets are perfect for any kitchen style, from mid-century modern to modern farmhouse and everything in between.

Get Started With a Kitchen Remodel Consultation Today

Re-Bath & Kitchens is an experienced remodeling company specializing in kitchen remodels of all sizes. Please contact us to learn more about our custom-made kitchen cabinet options. Whether you live in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria, or Prescott Valley, we’re committed to helping you get the best kitchen cabinets for your Arizona home. Browse our gallery to get inspired about transforming your kitchen!

Bathroom Remodel Three Exterior Shower Low Angle

Must-Know Tips for Converting a Tub to a Shower

If you’re looking for bathroom remodel ideas, converting a tub to a shower is one that can really modernize a bathroom. If you live in an older home without a shower, you can add value to your house and create a more convenient bathroom design by installing one. However, there are some things you need to know before you decide to convert your tub to a shower.

  • If you’re planning to tear out the tub entirely and build a new shower, think carefully about whether this is the right choice. First, it’s a big job and requires an experienced professional. It’s important to have the area properly waterproofed, and to consider things like whether a shower door will comfortably fit in the space. If not, a partial glass door or a shower curtain may be a better fit. Then, too, if this is the only bathtub in your house, you could be reducing the resale value of your home by demolishing it.
  • A less drastic option is to install a shower/bath combo. You can keep your existing bathtub and just plumbing for a shower. To waterproof the area, you may want to consider tiling the walls around the bath and shower. You can also install a traditional bath/shower unit, which can be an inexpensive solution. Some people choose bath fitters to create a seamless wall rather than tile. If accessibility is an issue that concerns you, you might want to consider replacing your tub with a walk-in tub and then adding a shower.
  • Don’t underestimate the scope of this project. Converting a tub to a shower is not a small job. It requires careful planning and measurement, and if you’re completely removing the tub, it will need to be demolished and hauled away. Be prepared for surprises like water damage, which could elevate the cost. It’s important to be prepared to spend money on good materials and fixing damage or leaks. Make sure, too, that you understand how long the project is going to take before you begin.
  • It’s wise to keep the shower in the same location, if possible. If you’re eager to create a more aesthetically pleasing home design and feel your bathroom would benefit from moving the shower, it can, technically, be done. However, it’s a laborious and expensive task because it requires repositioning the water supply and drainage lines.
  • Have a cohesive plan before you begin. You’ll want your new shower to look as though it’s always belonged in that bathroom. Put some effort into planning, and consider the aesthetics, so that you’ll be pleased with the result. Hiring an experienced professional can help ensure that the project goes well, and the finished product is one you’ll be happy with for a long time.

When you’re looking for bathroom or kitchen remodeling in Arizona, trust the team at Re-Bath & Kitchens®. Having served homeowners in the area since 2010, we’ve got the expertise needed to provide a wide range of kitchen and bathroom remodeling services. Our service is exceptional, and we deliver innovative, high-performance products in our four showrooms in Maricopa County and Northern Arizona. Visit one of our spacious showrooms, call us at 480-359-1778, or contact us through our website for more information.

Accessible walk in tub from ReBath

How much should a tub-to-shower conversion cost?

If you’re considering bathroom remodeling, you may be looking for a way to update your bathtub/shower combo. You could just renovate what you already have, using bath fitters or resurfacing. However, one of the more current bathroom remodel ideas is to ditch the tub and convert it to a shower. This makes sense from a bathroom design standpoint if you don’t need a tub, and installing a walk-in shower can make your bathroom more accessible. So, how much should a tub-to-shower conversion cost.

The answer depends on several factors, but the average is about $3,000. Converting a tub to a shower can cost anywhere between $1,200 and $8,000 for this service, and a walk-in style shower costs more than a traditional stall. The reason it’s expensive is that there’s quite a bit of labor involved, and it’s complicated enough to warrant hiring a professional to do the job correctly. In the process of replacing the bathtub, the contractor will need to:

  • Take out the old unit.
  • Waterproof the floor and walls with a protective layer.
  • Install a shower kit or put in substrate and tiles.
  • Make sure there are no leaks.
  • Install and test faucets.

When the bathtub is removed the debris will need to be hauled away, and there may also be clean-up and repair involved. The wall will likely need to be patched, and if the tub wasn’t properly sealed there may be water damage to manage. You’ll pay extra if you want a custom design or luxury style, because this will take longer, and the materials will cost more. If you need new plumbing or a shower door, this will bump up the cost as well. Extras like grab bars and shower seats are additional expenses.

Replacing a tub with a shower stall is typically less expensive than other options, ranging from $1,200 to $3,600, depending on the size of the shower. Shower stalls come as a kit, with only one to three pieces to install. If you decide to replace your tub with a tile shower, you can expect to pay anywhere from $2,150 to $7,950. That’s a wide range because tiles vary widely in cost, starting at about 50 cents a square foot and going up to about $15 a square foot. The cost of the shower will also depend on whether or not you’ve got the right plumbing layout in place already.

Is converting from a bathtub to a shower worth the cost? That depends. Having a more accessible shower is convenient and can increase your home’s resale value, unless you’re replacing your only bathtub. If converting from a bathtub to a shower means you no longer have a tub in your home, your property value may actually decrease.

When you’re looking for bathroom or kitchen remodeling in Arizona, trust the team at Re-Bath & Kitchens®. Having served homeowners in the area since 2010, we’ve got the home design expertise needed to provide a wide range of bathroom and kitchen remodeling services. Our service is exceptional, and we deliver innovative, high-performance products in our four showrooms in Maricopa County and Northern Arizona. Visit one of our spacious showrooms, call us at 480-359-1778, or contact us through our website for more information.


Kitchen remodeling in ArizonaAccessible walk in tub from ReBath

Full Bathroom Remodel with stone facade 1

7 Bathtub to Shower Conversions That Add Style & Space

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, walk-in showers are becoming an extremely popular bathroom design option. With a large shower area that’s easy to enter and a look that’s modern and attractive, it’s easy to see why homeowners find them so appealing! The way you handle your bathtub to shower conversion will depend largely on your lifestyle, as some people will value the accessibility of a walk in shower while others will need to keep their bathtub. When you’re looking for bathroom remodel ideas, consider these gorgeous options.

  1. If you have the space, keeping your tub and adding a shower can turn your bathroom into a spa. tan bathroom with tub and mirror A beautiful soaker tub and a standalone walk-in shower creates a bathroom that’s the best of both worlds, relaxing and inviting. Should you decide to sell the home, this will be attractive to buyers in many different stages of life.
  2. For existing shower/tub combinations that are just outdated, many homeowners choose bath fitters. This is a great way to update the look of your tub and shower quickly, in a relatively cost-effective manner.
  3. Sometimes a shower is more practical than a tub.  If you have a bathtub that’s pretty but not very useful, a walk-in shower with features like a seat, a handheld shower head, and a grab bar can make your home more accessible. For seniors aging in place, this is one of those home design details that can significantly raise the home’s appeal.
  4. Upgrading from a tub/shower combo to a shower sometimes just makes sense. Especially when space is at a premium, it’s far more luxurious to install a shower with double shower heads, a rain shower, and other upgrades to make showering an experience instead of just a habit. Make it a walk in shower with grab bars and a seat, and you increase the usefulness without detracting from the luxury.
  5. A shower can make a bathroom seem more spacious. In a small bathroom, a bathtub can also feel like a huge, unwieldy fixture. By removing it and installing a shower with glass doors, you can open up the space and make the room feel much larger.
  6. Converting to a shower can give the room more personality. Especially if you’ve had a traditional tub/shower combo, you can add your own style to the bathroom by transitioning to a beautiful new shower with beautiful tile work and elegant touches that make it truly yours.
  7. By eliminating a large tub, you can make room for other features that are a higher priority for you. Brown Bathroom with Stand Up Shower and SinkIt could be that a double vanity is of more importance to you than a tub, or you might need more room for storage. Whatever the reason you need more room, you can often get it with a shower to tub conversion.
    Bathroom Remodel Exterior Shower

When you’re looking for bathroom or kitchen remodeling in Arizona, trust the team at Re-Bath & Kitchens®. Having served homeowners in the area since 2010, we’ve got the expertise needed to provide a wide range of bathroom and kitchen remodeling services. Our service is exceptional, and we deliver innovative, high-performance products in our four showrooms in Maricopa County and Northern Arizona. Visit one of our spacious showrooms, call us at 480-359-1778, or contact us through our website for more information.

The Features Of A Good Bathroom Renovation

What are the features of a good bathroom renovation?

Bathroom remodeling is rewarding, because it makes your bathroom more livable and increases the value of your home. It’s definitely an investment, though, so it’s important to make sure your bathroom design makes sense and will have a good return on investment. Here, we offer some bathroom remodel ideas that ensure your bathroom renovation will be worth the time and money you put into it.

  • Use built-ins to your advantage. Niches and recesses for soap dishes, medicine cabinets, and toilet roll holders can be space savers, because they make the most of the available room in a small bathroom. Whenever you need more space, consider building into the walls. Make sure you have enough storage; a linen closet, for example, is a boon in a bathroom.
  • Remember ventilation. By code, have to have ventilation. This could be a bathroom exhaust fan or a window, but be sure to take it into consideration when you’re remodeling. If you decide on a bathroom fan, pay attention to the amount of cubic feet of air it can move and how much noise it makes, because a noisy bathroom fan in a small space can be problematic.
  • Consider open shelving. This is trendy in bathrooms right now, because open shelves can be attractive and functional. Use them to store charming containers of bathroom essentials or, better yet, create a home for some trailing plants. Plants are a great addition to a bathroom because they add color, improve air quality, and make your bathroom feel cozier and more spa-like.
  • Take time choosing your floor. Wood floors are beautiful, but they’re not a very practical choice for a bathroom. Look for flooring that can stand up to moisture and the punishment it’s likely to endure in a bathroom. Good flooring options for a bathroom include ceramic and porcelain tile, vinyl tile, and luxury vinyl plank.
  • Make color work for you in your bathroom. Remember that lighter colors will make a room feel bigger, and dark colors can cause a claustrophobic feel. Beyond that, put personal touches into your bathroom, perhaps using colorful or dramatic tiles to make it unique.
  • Be sure to install sufficient lighting. Bathrooms need to be well-lit, but not so well-lit that the light is blinding. Putting in light that can be adjusted, whether through a dimmer switch or by providing more than one light source, is a good idea to accommodate people needing to see themselves clearly as well as someone wanting to relax in the tub. Don’t be afraid to use dramatic lighting, because that can elevate the look of your bathroom.
  • More is more when it comes to being able to hang things in a bathroom. Towels, robes, and clothing will need a place to go in a bathroom, and countertop surface area is often at a premium. Hooks are easy to install on the back of the door, on the walls, or even on the side of a cabinet. For a luxurious touch, consider heated towel bars.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of mirrors. They’re not only there for checking makeup; they also serve as important home design elements. Mirrors add light to a room, expanding it visually. In a small bathroom, consider a mirror that spans the whole wall. In a larger bathroom, consider more than one mirror.

When you’re looking for bathroom or kitchen remodeling in Arizona, trust the team at Re-Bath & Kitchens®. Having served homeowners in the area since 2010, we’ve got the expertise needed to provide a wide range of bathroom and kitchen remodeling services. Our service is exceptional, and we deliver innovative, high-performance products in our four showrooms in Maricopa County and Northern Arizona. Visit one of our spacious showrooms, call us at 480-359-1778, or contact us through our website for more information.

Modern minimal kitchen

2022 Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Trends

Are you considering a new kitchen or bathroom this year? Kitchen and bath remodeling is a great idea, because remodeling either of these rooms provides a significant return on investment (ROI). It’s been said that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, and it’s true that they’re key to impressing potential homebuyers, but a beautiful new kitchen or bath can also make your home more livable and enjoyable. Make your kitchen and bathroom your own, creating custom spaces that make you smile every time you see them. Here, we offer some bathroom and kitchen remodel ideas, featuring up-to-the-minute trends to inspire you.

  • If you’re tired of white kitchens, we’ve got great news. For years, the trend was all-white kitchens, stark and sterile. Now design is leaning more towards warm, neutral countertops and kitchens full of color. Colorful cabinets, especially in deep greens and blues, are trending, and so are bold, colorful appliance finishes. While stainless steel is still holding its ground, if you’ve ever wanted an orange or red stove or a green or navy dishwasher, you’re in luck. There are even appliances with removable faces so that you can change the look without having to replace the appliance.
    a Kitchen with an island table in the center
  • Workstation sinks are taking kitchens by storm. There are plenty of new kitchen faucets on the market in 2022, but one trend in particular warrants taking notice, and that’s the commercial kitchen faucet. Commercial faucets are on point right now, and while they’re not new, they’re a novelty in the residential arena. They fit right in, though with the workstation sink. Designed to facilitate the work you do in your kitchen, these sinks can be configured to meet your needs, featuring accessories like a chopping board, colander, and drying rack that drop onto an integrated ledge in the top of the sink. They’re extremely convenient and help make the most of kitchen space.
  • Matte black is trending in both kitchen and bathroom remodeling. It’s a gorgeous, modern look, but where will you see matte black? Essentially everywhere. Countertops, islands, sinks, bathtubs, and even faucets and grab bars are showing up in beautiful matte black for a striking look in the bathroom or kitchen. Not ready to commit to a matte black sink quite yet? Consider trying out some matte black paint first, to see if this dramatic look is for you.
  • In bathrooms and kitchens, wood-look flooring is beautiful and practical. Vinyl plank, also called luxury vinyl plank, is versatile and low maintenance, it’s made of PVC but looks and often feels like wood. It’s an inexpensive alternative to wood, and can do things wood and laminate can’t because it’s water-resistant and durable. If you’re concerned about VOCs, low-VOC vinyl plank is available. Wood-look tile is another great option: ceramic or porcelain tile that mimics the look of wood. It’s a stain-resistant, water-resistant, sustainable options.
  • The way we’re using tile is shifting. Tile backsplashes have been the go-to look in the kitchen for years, but now slabs are coming into vogue. Tiles are still used, but in more surprising ways, to make a statement instead of blending into the background. In the bathroom, big, colorful tile is taking center stage. Complemented by natural wood accents, it adds excitement and creates a beautiful look.
  • Luxurious bathrooms are in. Showers are becoming less utilitarian and more of an experience, and tubs are becoming spa-like. An elegant free standing tub can make a statement in the bathroom, while a walk in tub can be extremely helpful to seniors aging in place, and yet just as beautiful as a traditional tub. A jacuzzi tub with jets is another great choice, relaxing for people at all stages of life. Showers today feature not just rain shower heads and multiple shower heads, but also options for aromatherapy and steam showers. For added indulgence, consider in-floor heating or heated towel racks.
  • Custom bathroom cabinets complete the look of luxury. Eye-catching textures are in high demand, as people request cabinetry that’s fluted, reeded, or slatted. For now, these beautiful cabinets are custom jobs, but you can expect manufacturers to get wise to this trend soon and start cranking out new styles.
  • Brushed finishes are gaining popularity. Brushed nickel has loomed large for a long time, but now other brushed finishes are offering it some competition. Brushed brass or even brush gold give a warm, elegant look, and mixing different metals in the bathroom and kitchen is also popular.
  • Everything is getting smarter. Which smart home features will you find in a kitchen or bathroom? Plenty! In the bathroom, look for smart controls that control the temperature of the water, detect leaks, and help with water conservation. Add to this the luxury of integrated speakers and an audio system, with the practicality of motion-sensor lighting that saves on electric bills, and you’ve got a very functional bathroom. Going beyond basic function, smart toilets and bidets help provide a germ-free environment with hands-free components and bacteria killing lights under the lids. In the kitchen, touchless faucets, smart refrigerators, and ovens you can work remotely from your smart phone are just a few of the innovations making the grade. Other kitchen technology includes charging stations, water conserving faucets, and emergency power options to keep your refrigerator going if your electricity goes out. kitchen technology includes charging stations

Whether you’re interested in following the trends or you want to blaze your own path and create a kitchen and bathroom truly your own, the sky is the limit with what you can do to customize your space. When you’re looking for a bathroom or kitchen remodeling contractor in Arizona, trust the team at Re-Bath & Kitchens®. Having served homeowners in the area since 2010, we’ve got the expertise needed to provide a wide range of services for remodeling kitchen and bathroom spaces. Our service is exceptional, and we deliver innovative, high-performance products in our four showrooms in Maricopa County and Northern Arizona. Visit one of our spacious showrooms, call us at 480-359-1778, or contact us through our website for more information.

2021 Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Trends

Re-Bath & Kitchen’s Remodeling Trends

If you’re thinking about doing a bathroom or kitchen remodel soon, we’ve got all you need to know about the newest trends. Re-Bath & Kitchens helps residents in Prescott Valley, AZ and the surrounding areas bring their dreams for kitchens and bathrooms to life. We understand many people want the latest trending looks with high technology and a classic, warm feeling. When you walk into your kitchen or bathroom, you should smile and know it’s your unique creation. Enjoy our ideas as you get started on your kitchen or bathroom remodeling journey.

Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans have been all the rage in kitchens and living areas for a while. You walk into the room and feel like it’s bigger with more space for entertaining or relaxing. The newest trend is opening your bathroom. Gone are the days of hiding a bathroom in a tiny nook. You can remodel your bathroom with an open floor plan by going for an open shower with floor-to-ceiling tile, try a space-saving bathtub under a window in a guest bathroom, or install a floating vanity. Your bathroom should feel comfortable with enough space that you don’t feel stuffy when getting ready in the morning or after a hot shower.

Bring The Spa Home

The idea of a relaxing spa doesn’t just need to be at the actual spa. Create your own at-home spa in your master bathroom. Install a jacuzzi tub with jets to enjoy a massage while you bathe. You can install a prominent vanity area with unique seating. Make your bathroom your place of luxury with small details.

Technology In The Bathroom

You can make your bathroom high-tech. From saving water to making your space more hygienic, technology is a big trend. Smart controls improve your water temperature, help you conserve water, and detect leaks. Motion-sensor lighting enables you to save on electricity bills. Integrated speakers and an audio system let you pump up the music surrounding you while you shower. We’ve seen televisions in bathrooms for years now, but now it’s all about streaming your favorite videos on them.

Warm Colors 

The bathroom is often thought of as a place of peace where you unwind after a long day in your bath or shower. Surrounding yourself with warm colors is big right now for this reason. Rustic cabinets and warm walls give your personal oasis that calm feeling. You can add warm accent patterns or tiles. If you want to go the extra mile, upgrade flooring to warm faux wood tiles.

Back-Lit Mirrors and Medicine Cabinets

Many people love the look of a back-lit mirror. Medicine cabinets also give your bathroom a sleek, modern look. Ambient lighting is perfect without reflections or added glares in the bathroom. These functional additions have an ideal look and feel.

Seamless Surfaces 

Seamless surfaces make it easier to clean, and most people are all about the ease of cleaning things. Instead of tile, seamless surfaces provide the perfect solution. The European-inspired look gives your countertops a gorgeous, glowing design.

In-Floor Heating and Towel Warmers

We’re going for comfort and feeling cozy in our bathroom, so you can’t leave out towel warmers and in-floor heating. Heated towel rails allow you to get out of the shower on a cold day and wrap yourself in warmth. Floor heating is energy efficient and helps you feel cozy walking through a cold bathroom.

Deluxe Showers

Large walk-in showers are taking the place of beautiful bathtubs in many homes. People want to feel like they’re in a special place in their shower. Multiple showerheads and steam features make people feel like they’re at the spa instead of an everyday shower. Many people love to put benches in their shower and extra room for shower caddies.

Smart Toilets and Bidets

Smart toilets and bidets are helping lead the germ-free revolution. Most people hate cleaning toilets, but smart toilets and bidets give them a boost. With hands-free components like touch-free flushing and self-closing lids, you never have to touch them. There are bacteria-killing lights under the lids and cling-free bowl surfaces on many.

Kitchen Goes High Tech

Kitchen technology is nothing new. We’re just giving it a boost with charging stations, emergency power options if your refrigerator goes out, and smart technology. Upgraded faucets boost water conservation while many appliances are touch-free. Wireless controls in appliances give you the upper hand, and home assistants tell you about your timeline for the day while you make breakfast.

Bright Cabinets

Colorful cabinets make your kitchen pop. This doesn’t mean you need to have neon orange cabinets to make a statement, but it does mean colors like blue and red are making their mark. Tile accents are a great choice to surround bright cabinets, complementing them with color.

Black and Sleek

Classic kitchens are often white or brown for a timeless look. The farmhouse trend isn’t gone yet, but we see a lot more black and sleek kitchens. Drama and mood of warmth and beauty are brought together with touches of black. Black metals, accents, and textured wood give a special touch.

Pantry Organization

One of the biggest trends right now is an organized pantry. Instead of boxes and cans thrown everywhere, many people are hiring professional organizers. Open shelving with labeled baskets and jars is a big hit. You can put things in the order you want and save time without rummaging through a million things later.

Faucets and Floors

Matte and brushed finishes on kitchen faucets are a hit this year. Black, nickel, and stainless are the biggest materials right now. Kitchen floors are going for luxury vinyl plank, tile, ceramic porcelain, and hardwood. While bringing a touch of art to the area, they also provide optimal durability. The kitchen is all about functionality with style right now.

Bold Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks are going wild with a bigger size and bolder fixtures. Gold and brass are taking over silver. Oversized sinks are elegant and modern with a farmhouse touch. People love the oversized look and feel of sinks and refrigerators this year.

Don’t Forget The Ceiling

The boring white ceiling is so yesterday. You can make it pop with tiles, beams, and shiplap. Skylights bring in more natural light and give the feel of your kitchen a boost.

Mix and Match Metals

Stainless steel isn’t exactly out the door, but it now has some opponents. People love to mix and match different materials on sinks, faucets, lighting fixtures, appliances, and cabinet hardware. This creates a dynamic, deep design. It makes the kitchen a unique room full of excitement instead of just a plain, classic room.

Kitchen Countertop Trends

Your kitchen countertops are the main focal point of your kitchen renovation. Light-colored quartz countertops and subway backsplashes aren’t going anywhere. In the middle of many people’s kitchens, the island needs a strong countertop with a bold color and finish. Quartz is a high-end alternative to granite with pores to help keep away staining and leaking.

Smart Fixtures

Smart technologies in refrigerators, lighting, and other appliances are huge. You can remotely monitor everything from your cup of coffee to the temperature of your freezer. Touchless faucets make washing hands a breeze. Your home values rise while you enjoy convenience.

Fashion-Forward Appliances

Even your kitchen appliances can stay updated on fashion. Beautiful colors like white gloss and champagne rose steel adorn refrigerators and dishwashers. You can use changeable color flat panels to personalize your appliances without the commitment. Fashion-forward appliances hopefully won’t fade like the olive green refrigerators of the 1970s. For now, it’s all about going glam.

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A Step-By-Step List of What to Do Before Your Kitchen Remodel

Getting your kitchen remodeled can be an exciting but stressful process. Once the design is complete and you have the contractors booked, there are a numbers of things that you can do in order to make the whole process much smoother.

Gather Supplies

Firstly, you should gather together supplies to use to pack away the contents of your kitchen while the remodel is in process. You will need items such as cardboard boxes, packing tape, and storage bags. You will also need markers or something similar so you can clearly label everything and have an easier time when it comes to putting all of your kitchen items back into your remodeled kitchen.

Set Aside the Items You Will Need

Make sure that any items that you use on a day-to-day basis (such as the can opener or coffee maker) do not end up stuck in the bottom of a box. You should also consider setting out containers for leftover food, as well as foil and plastic wrap. Also, make sure that you have access to any cleaning products you might need.

Invest in Some Disposable Plates, Cups, and Utensils

To make things simpler, you should put all of your plates, cups, and utensils into storage and only use disposable products for the duration of the remodeling. This means that you will not have to worry about your expensive plates being damaged or lost during the chaos of the remodeling process.

Pack Food into Categories

Any food which doesn’t need to be refrigerated should be packed into different categories for the sake of convenience. You can use low-sided open boxes to keep these items stored during the remodeling process. Not only will doing this help you to find what you need, it will also simplify things when it comes to packing food into your new cupboards.

Collect Items You Don’t Use Much

Any items which are not used frequently and probably won’t be required for the duration of the remodel should be packed into boxes. These boxes should then be stored somewhere out of the way, such as the basement or attic. You should accurately mark these boxes in order to simplify things when you come to unpack them. Try your best to come up with some sort of coherent classification system for these boxes.

Reduce Clutter

Now is the ideal time to reduce some of the clutter in your kitchen. You may find items which are broken or are never used. You can use this as an opportunity to either throw these kinds of things out or to donate them to a local thrift store. You can also use this as a chance to organize any cookbooks and recipes you have. You might want to take the time to save some of these recipes digitally so you can reduce clutter in your new kitchen even further.

Pack Items Properly

Even though you are storing your items for a short time, there is still a risk that some of your things will be damaged in storage. You should take steps to prevent this. You should pack your utensils into plastic storage bags. You should also use a different bag for each type of utensil so you will have an easier time when it comes to putting them back. Glassware and dinnerware should be stored carefully: you should wrap these items in newspaper and bubblewrap – the more you use the better. Seal this box with tape and then mark the contents on the outside.

Take Things Down from the Walls

You will need to take anything down from the walls which might get in the way during remodeling. This means curtains, curtain rods, blinds, and any kind of wall decorations. These items can be placed in labeled storage bags. If you are using these items in your new kitchen, then now is an ideal time to give them a good clean. You should also take down anything that is on the walls in adjacent rooms, as these could be knocked down during remodeling.

Cover Furniture and Electronics

Any electronics (such as computers or televisions) should be covered during the whole remodel. You might also want to cover the furniture in adjacent rooms. Any electronics like computers or televisions should be covered during the whole remodel. You might also want to cover the furniture in adjacent rooms.

Relocate Pets

Pets can cause a lot of trouble during a kitchen remodel. Ideally, they should be kept out of the house for the duration. If this is not possible, you should at least try to keep them as far away from the kitchen as possible.

By following these steps, you’ll be well prepared before you start on your kitchen remodeling project!


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Outdated bathroom? These new trends need to be incorporated into your remodel!

When it comes to remodeling your home, there is no room that allows you to free your creativity like the bathroom does. For example, due to the small size of your bathroom, you can use wallpaper designs that would be too outrageous for any other room in the house. The bathroom offers more freedom to experiment with a creative theme; for example, you could try a nautical theme. Trying something similar in your kitchen doesn’t sound anywhere near as appealing. If you feel like your bathroom is outdated and you want to try something new, remodeling is a good way to go about it. When remodeling, you need to take into account the latest trends. A remodeled bathroom done right can do wonders for the value of your home, whereas a badly done remodel can really harm the value of your property. Here are a few trends you should incorporate into your remodel.

Deluxe Showers

In recent years, having a shower has become significantly more popular than having a bathtub. Many people are sacrificing having a bathtub altogether in favor of having a much larger walk-in shower. Showers with special features such as multiple shower heads and steam functionality are becoming increasingly popular. If you are remodeling your bathroom, you should perhaps consider removing the tub altogether in favor of a bigger and more high tech shower setup. It is becoming common to see showers so big that they have space for benches inside.

Towel Warmers and In-Floor Heating

There is nothing better than a warm towel from a heated rail on a cold winter’s day. Heated towel rails are quickly becoming standard in bathrooms across the country. In-floor heating is also starting to become more popular. Floor heating is particularly energy efficient, as the heat is touching your body and warming you from the feet upwards. If you live in a warmer state, then this might not be something you should prioritize. However, if you have to suffer through freezing winters, these are bathroom upgrades you will be really thankful for.

Music and Video

It is becoming increasingly common to see speakers and screens fitted into people’s bathrooms. Since portable speakers were invented, people have been bringing them into the bathroom. However, now people are beginning to fit wireless speakers and docking stations into the bathroom itself. Some designs have gone even further, fitting full televisions right there in the bathroom so you can watch your favorite shows while you soak in the tub. If you choose to go down this route, you will need to plan carefully, as water and electronics are not a good mix.

3D Tiles

A recent trend in bathroom design is tiles which incorporate a 3D design. There a variety of different patterns available. You can go for an organic and natural look with a wave pattern or something more symmetrical. Some people utilize 3D tiles as a subtle effect, whereas other people make them as stand out and eye catching as possible.

Smart Storage

A new trend in bathroom involves fully utilizing the available space for storage purposes. Not only does this provide you with the space to store your items, but when done right, it can also look very good. Practical storage space is also a fairly future proof design choice, as it will probably never go out of style. A common storage space technique is to take full advantage of all the available vertical space. Cabinets should take up the entirety of the wall if possible so that no space goes to waste whatsoever. When built-in cabinets are not an option, you could try bringing in a vintage cabinet.

White Tiles

White tiling in bathrooms is a timeless choice that will never go out of style. If you want to play it safe with a bathroom design which is sure to stand the test of time, you can’t go wrong with the typical design of white tiles.

Bold Lighting

The bathroom is a space where you have more freedom to take creative risks. You could, for example, try using an ornate chandelier as a light source. Some people have started to use table lamps for lighting rather than more traditional options. Why not use a table lamp from elsewhere in the house to try it out?

Let Your Creative Side Show

A bathroom design which takes into account the latest trends is sure to impress guests when they come over to visit and can do wonders for the value of your home. Don’t be afraid to do something unconventional and creative when it comes to bathroom design. If you want to have a truly impressive design, you should consider bringing in a professional designer who will be able to evaluate your bathroom and come up with a design which suits it best.

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