Guys, Turn Your Bathroom Into A Valentine’s Day Surprise (for less then $9)

Okay, fellas! This Valentine’s Day, we’re going to help you turn your bathroom into a romantic spa for your beautiful lady. She’ll love you for it and best of all, it will cost you less than $9.

The Plan

On February 14th, get home before she does and prepare the bathroom. Make sure the tub is clean and fully rinsed. You don’t want the tub smelling like bleach. About 10 minutes before she arrives, fill the tub with pipping hot water and include her favorite scented salts or bubble bath. If you don’t know her favorite bubble bath, lavender scented products are usually a safe choice. By the time she’s ready to get into the tub, the temperature of the water will be perfect. Okay, we’re off to the right start, now let’s keep going!

6 Tips To Win Valentine’s Day!

1. Candles ($6.49)

You cannot have too many candles.* Put candles around the bathtub, on the vanity, near the window, on the ground… anywhere you can! With all the lights off in the bathroom, the candle light will pop and give you the surprise reaction you are looking for. If she doesn’t ‘gasp’ when you open the door to the bathroom, you didn’t have enough candles!


You can pick up a bag of 50 tea light candles for about $12.

*Don’t burn down the house and don’t leave the candles unattended. Obviously.

2. Rose petals  ($1.99)

Without rose petals in the bathtub, it’s just like any other bath. This is the differentiating factor of this romantic surprise. You can either buy rose petals or, to save even more money, buy a single rose for between $2-6, remove the pedals, and place them in the water. With 50 tea light candles burning, lavender scented bubble bath and perfectly heated water with floating rose petals,  you are already winning this Valentine’s Day.

3. Music (Free)

No soak is complete without some soothing music. If you already know what she likes to listen to when she relaxes, then great! If not, here is a great tip: ask her best friend.

Anytime you consult “the best friend” you will get bonus points. After the surprise the best friend will talk to your girlfriend/wife and tell her how romantic and thoughtful you were. It shows that you really put in time and thought into this surprise. Feel free to consult the “BF” for other components of the surprise, like which bubble bath to use.

4. Ice Cold Glass of Water (Free)

Leave a large, ice cold glass of water near the tub’s edge.

Now, you may be thinking, Water? What are you thinking? She’ll be expecting champagne!

Here is something that may shock you, most people prefer to drink water while taking a bath. You get hot when you take a bath, so an ice cold glass of water is the perfect prescription. Plus, the two of you are about to have a romantic evening that will probably include wine or champagne, so save that for when you are together. When she finishes her bath, have the champagne or wine ready.

Total Cost: $8.48

Bonus Surprises and Tips

1. Extra Surprise (Free)

There’s probably a task she has been asking you to do that you still haven’t done! Maybe she’s been pleading with you to tighten the handles on the kitchen cabinets or begging you to change the lightbulb in the guest bathroom. Go ahead and check that item(s) off of your/her to-do list. When she arrives home, tell her what you’ve accomplished before you take her into the bathroom to show her the surprise.

There’s nothing like relaxing while knowing an important task(s) has been accomplished. It will make her bath time even more enjoyable.

2. Go cook dinner ($40-$50)

Once you open the door to the bathroom and she hears her favorite music playing, smells the bath salts, and sees the amazing candles and floating rose petals, simply say,

“Enjoy. Relax and take your time. When you’re finished, I’ll have dinner ready.”

Leaving her to relax while you go work and prepare dinner is going to make you look like the dream guy we know you are!

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