Increasing Home Value Through Kitchen Remodeling

Top 3 Ways to Add Value to Your Home with a Kitchen Remodel

Home Buying season is quickly approaching, and if you’re serious about selling your home, you want to add the most value possible before your listing ever hits the market. One great way to add potential and actual value to your home is by updating the room that buyers and industry insiders agree will give you the most bang for your buck: the kitchen.

While an updated and remodeled kitchen adding value to your home seems like common sense, there is science to back it up as well. According to REALTOR Magazine’s 2013-14 Cost vs. Value Report, both minor kitchen remodels and major kitchen remodels make the top ten list of home improvement projects that not only recoup costs, but also boost curb appeal – upping potential interest levels and improving the likelihood of a sale. Written frankly: an updated kitchen is something everyone wants, regardless of geographic location, economic status, or any other determining factor.

So now that we’ve shown you the hard evidence that remodeling your kitchen will help bring value to your home, the big question remains: what should I put into my remodel?

Updated Appliances

According to a recent survey by USA Todayalmost 70% of homebuyers were willing to pay extra for a home with newly updated kitchen appliances. This is a great indication that updated appliances are a must-include for your new kitchen remodel if your goal is to boost desirability.

For the most broad appeal to potential homebuyers, try sticking with neutral and common appliance colors like white, black, or stainless steel. Not only are these color options timeless and easily replaceable in the event of repair, they also fit with a majority of color schemes and tastes. Neutral color appliances also help to insure that even if the potential buyer may not like your color choice for the walls, they can still buy with confidence knowing that your new appliances will match perfectly with any design ideas they had in mind.

Another important thing to consider when deciding which appliances to include in your kitchen remodel is energy efficiency. Aside from saving money and helping to reduce your footprint on the environment, they’re also extremely desirable for potential homebuyers (and may secure you a tax credit). According to the National Association of Homebuyer’s survey of over 3,600 homebuyers, 94% of responders named Energy Star-rated Appliances in their most wanted list, giving it the top spot. With almost 40% of responders claiming them as essential/must haves, and almost 60% of people claiming them as desirable, Energy Star appliances are definitely a must-consider for your remodel project.

Whether you go with brand new top-of-the-line appliances or quality energy star models, incorporating new appliances into your remodel will help you garner the most interest possible in your property, and help ensure get you the biggest return on your investment.

2. Seating Space

Kitchens have come a long way from small, cramped corners of the house usually reserved for one or two. Now, kitchens are a showpiece, and act as an entertaining destination for get-togethers of every size and occasion. With building trends moving towards bigger, more showy kitchens, homebuyers are looking for kitchens that offer extra room and extra seating – something that should definitely be part of you remodel.

Whether it comes in the form of an island (which that same USA Today survey rates as the #10 things homebuyers are willing to pay more for), or a dedicated space (like a breakfast bar or nook) to enjoy a meal, adding seating to your kitchen remodel is a great way to up the value and spark interest in your home.

The NAHB survey also pointed to similar results surrounding extra seating, with 85% percents of respondents naming table space for eating in the kitchen on their most wanted list. Following this pattern, many newer home builds and extensive remodel projects are incorporating the traditional dining spaces you’d find in a separate dining rooms right into the kitchen design. This helps create convenience for food preparation and entertaining, as well as follows suit with open-space contemporary designs that are currently dominating the real estate market. The data is clear: add seating to your kitchen, and you’ll add desirability to your home.

3. Killer Cabinets

Nothing is more important in a kitchen than storage space. If you’re looking to give your kitchen that brand new feeling, new cabinest may be the perfect solution for you and your budget. As the leader in cabinetry refacing, 5 Day Kitchens offers a variety of plans and solutions that will help completely revamp your kitchen’s most expensive feature, and give you that polished modern look that you, and your potential home buyers, will love.

Don’t fret: It isn’t all about the big stuff.


Adding value to your kitchen doesn’t have to be all about big changes; there are also plenty of smaller, cost-saving additions you can make to your kitchen–adding pot racks, replacing faucets and other hardware with new, resurfacing or replacing countertops,installing new floors–that will also increase your kitchen’s value. Each of these upgrades, when combined with the big three listed above, can result in higher interest from buyers, higher worth evaluations, and a higher sales price that will net you the most profit possible.

Whether you’re planning to sell right away, or looking to strategically update various areas of your home to add value for a future listing, professionally remodeling your kitchen is an ideal way to add style and comfort to your current living conditions, while giving you the chance to sell your home at the best price possible. The experienced staff at 5 Day Kitchens will help you choose the right update avenues for your home, and will give you a professional remodel without the headache, or price tag, of hiring some unknown contractor or attempting a DIY project. Pump new value into your home today by starting your kitchen remodel with 5 Day Kitchens of Phoenix, Arizona.

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