Kitchen Trends of 2015

Kitchens of the Future: What To Expect For Kitchens In 2015

Kitchens throughout history have served as everything from servant’s quarters and heat sources for one-room buildings, to formal dining spaces that were used more as showplaces than living spaces. Today, kitchens serve a dual purpose as not only a place where we go to store and prepare food, but also a place where you socialize with family and friends – the living room of the 21st century.

With kitchens serving such a newly diverse role in the household, and playing such an important role in all of our daily lives, trends of what we come to expect from the most comfortable and modern kitchens are changing year-to-year, and 2015 is no different. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the elements that designers and homeowners alike are adding to all of their latest culinary masterpieces, and show how they can help transform your new kitchen into a room you’ll never want to leave.

Space – The Final Frontier

In most older apartment buildings and house designs, kitchens were nothing but an afterthought tucked into the smallest corner of real estate that the blueprints would allow. However, times have changed, and one of the most important components of a modern kitchen is an open, spacious feel. This helps make the room not only a place that is comfortable to use, but also one that serves as the visual and social centerpiece of your home.

Aside from increasing your square footage and maximizing your layout, a great way to embrace the concept of more space is to rethink the way you store things in your kitchen. With so many great high-end open cabinet design options available on the market today, gone are the days of relying on the traditional clunky wooden cabinets that do nothing but limit your design options and take up space. With open cabinets, you’ve got tons of great esthetic potential that’s not only beautiful, but also extremely practical. Open cabinets and shelving allow for easier access to your goods, keep your collections visible, and, most importantly, help save money by eliminating the need for expensive cabinet doors and hardware to complete your design.

The answer is clear: if you’re looking for a great way to make your kitchen design really stand out, and get the most space and function possible out of the place you love to cook, consider incorporating open cabinets into your design.

Design tip: If you’re not ready to give up all of your traditional cabinets just yet, try mixing open cabinets with with some traditional doored designs. This will help create a one-of-a-kind look that is uniquely your own.

It’s Easy Being Green

Not only can your appliances and your fixtures be the centerpieces of your kitchen design, they can also be the things that eat up the most room on your utility bills. Going green isn’t just fashionable, it’s also extremely practical, and with so many choices available today, saving your money doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on style. Embracing low-flow sinks, energy star appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers, as well as the most modern toasters, microwaves, and other small kitchen tools can make a huge difference in your design, and your monthly payment!

Being green isn’t restricted solely to the things you plug in either, there are plenty of other great options to help outfit your kitchen for the 21st century. Eco-friendly tile, responsibly harvested hardwood cabinets, recycled glass and concrete countertops, as well as eco-friendly plates and accessories can help make your kitchen low impact on the environment, and add awesome detail to your overall design. Best of all, purchasing energy-smart appliances and materials can also potentially result in tax breaks at the end of the year – another benefit to going, and staying, green in your kitchen.

Boldly Go Where No Chef Has Gone Before

It’s your kitchen, and everything about it should say something about you. If you’ve got a favorite color, a treasured piece of artwork, or a one-of-a-kind pattern you’d like to feature in your space – do it! Strictly following the traditional rules of design won’t get you anything but traditional results. So go ahead: be bold. Whether this means using the walls to highlight your favorite color, decal, or wallpaper pattern, or fitting your sink with a one-of-a-kind backsplash, bold is gold in the right circumstances.

Fear you may want something that’s just a bit too out of the ordinary? Fear not! An experienced and knowledgeable designer, like the ones at 5 Day Kitchens, will help you work every possible design detail into an elegant and timeless look that will last a lifetime. Don’t bow to the peer pressures of tradition; give yourself license to invest in a kitchen that represents you.

Pop a Squat for More

Kitchens – they’re not just for cooking anymore. In fact, most families use their kitchens for everything from an informal place to host guests to a formal dining room. If you want to give your kitchen the benefits of comfort, think about adding some additional seating.

Incorporating extra seating into your design isn’t as hard as you might think. Try extending out your countertop design to support a breakfast bar that could easily seat 2-3 diners. An island can make a great place to enjoy a meal, and can also serve as a place to converse with friends while you prepare a meal. Want to incorporate even more seating into your kitchen? An elegant chef’s table may be the perfect option– an awesome way to host large social dinners or intimate meals for two.

If anything is to be taken away from the diverse dynamics of kitchens in 2015, it’s that customization is key to every design, and no two kitchens are meant to be exactly the same. So, while there are some time-tested esthetic criteria that definitely deserve respect in your design, making your kitchen a unique expression of your own personality and taste is an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up. Don’t miss your chance to turn your kitchen into the room of your dreams by consulting with the expert staff at 5 Day Kitchens. Let us help you create a custom design you’ll love for in 2015, and beyond.

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