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Outdated bathroom? These new trends need to be incorporated into your remodel!

When it comes to remodeling your home, there is no room that allows you to free your creativity like the bathroom does. For example, due to the small size of your bathroom, you can use wallpaper designs that would be too outrageous for any other room in the house. The bathroom offers more freedom to experiment with a creative theme; for example, you could try a nautical theme. Trying something similar in your kitchen doesn’t sound anywhere near as appealing. If you feel like your bathroom is outdated and you want to try something new, remodeling is a good way to go about it. When remodeling, you need to take into account the latest trends. A remodeled bathroom done right can do wonders for the value of your home, whereas a badly done remodel can really harm the value of your property. Here are a few trends you should incorporate into your remodel.

Deluxe Showers

In recent years, having a shower has become significantly more popular than having a bathtub. Many people are sacrificing having a bathtub altogether in favor of having a much larger walk-in shower. Showers with special features such as multiple shower heads and steam functionality are becoming increasingly popular. If you are remodeling your bathroom, you should perhaps consider removing the tub altogether in favor of a bigger and more high tech shower setup. It is becoming common to see showers so big that they have space for benches inside.

Towel Warmers and In-Floor Heating

There is nothing better than a warm towel from a heated rail on a cold winter’s day. Heated towel rails are quickly becoming standard in bathrooms across the country. In-floor heating is also starting to become more popular. Floor heating is particularly energy efficient, as the heat is touching your body and warming you from the feet upwards. If you live in a warmer state, then this might not be something you should prioritize. However, if you have to suffer through freezing winters, these are bathroom upgrades you will be really thankful for.

Music and Video

It is becoming increasingly common to see speakers and screens fitted into people’s bathrooms. Since portable speakers were invented, people have been bringing them into the bathroom. However, now people are beginning to fit wireless speakers and docking stations into the bathroom itself. Some designs have gone even further, fitting full televisions right there in the bathroom so you can watch your favorite shows while you soak in the tub. If you choose to go down this route, you will need to plan carefully, as water and electronics are not a good mix.

3D Tiles

A recent trend in bathroom design is tiles which incorporate a 3D design. There a variety of different patterns available. You can go for an organic and natural look with a wave pattern or something more symmetrical. Some people utilize 3D tiles as a subtle effect, whereas other people make them as stand out and eye catching as possible.

Smart Storage

A new trend in bathroom involves fully utilizing the available space for storage purposes. Not only does this provide you with the space to store your items, but when done right, it can also look very good. Practical storage space is also a fairly future proof design choice, as it will probably never go out of style. A common storage space technique is to take full advantage of all the available vertical space. Cabinets should take up the entirety of the wall if possible so that no space goes to waste whatsoever. When built-in cabinets are not an option, you could try bringing in a vintage cabinet.

White Tiles

White tiling in bathrooms is a timeless choice that will never go out of style. If you want to play it safe with a bathroom design which is sure to stand the test of time, you can’t go wrong with the typical design of white tiles.

Bold Lighting

The bathroom is a space where you have more freedom to take creative risks. You could, for example, try using an ornate chandelier as a light source. Some people have started to use table lamps for lighting rather than more traditional options. Why not use a table lamp from elsewhere in the house to try it out?

Let Your Creative Side Show

A bathroom design which takes into account the latest trends is sure to impress guests when they come over to visit and can do wonders for the value of your home. Don’t be afraid to do something unconventional and creative when it comes to bathroom design. If you want to have a truly impressive design, you should consider bringing in a professional designer who will be able to evaluate your bathroom and come up with a design which suits it best.

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Why You Should Work with Professionals when Remodeling a Bathroom

Why a Professional should remodel your Bathroom: Save Time, Money & Headaches!

If your bathroom is dated and you feel like it is dragging down the entire house, it is time for your bathroom to get a facelift! You’ve been flipping through magazines and dreaming of a beautiful new space, and you may be considering doing the work yourself. It’s important to realize that while this space may be small, remodeling is still a major project. Remodeling a bathroom takes skill and time, so it’s worth making the investment in professional services. Here are just a few advantages to hiring a professional like ReBath and 5 Day Kitchens when you’re ready to transform the bathroom.

A Finished Bathroom in Record Time

ReBath is nationally recognized as the the 3 Day Bathroom Remodeler! While not every remodel can be completed in 3 days, many can! When you do the work yourself, you can wind up going several weeks without a fully functional bathroom while you try to fit the work around your busy schedule. Trust the professionals and you can be confident that your bathroom will be fully functional in record time. It’s common for major projects to have key parts that get pushed off in the rush to start using the space again, including little pieces of trim and other finishing touches. With a professional job, you can rest easy knowing at the project will be fully finished and ready for you to enjoy.

Insurance and Protection Against Accidents

Remodeling can be a messy and laborious ordeal when you do it yourself. When you act as the remodeler, you could wind up filing an insurance claim if you’re injured on the job or you damage something in the home while you work. This happens more frequently than you might think. Plumbing connections that are a little loose will leak, and you can damage the walls of your home moving fixtures in and out. The risk of fire increases if the electrical work isn’t done properly. With our trained and certified professionals, you can be confident that everything will be done safely.

Affordable Renovations

Whether you hire a company or do the work yourself, there is an expense for remodeling a bathroom. When you work on your own, you’ll have to use your credit cards or find the cash to cover all the expenses. A bathroom remodel you do yourself can spiral out of your budget in no time. A mistake here and there adds up and you end up spending more than you expected. By using professionals, you keep your costs down by doing it right the first time! ReBath of Phoenix, Arizona has financing options that make it easier than ever to get the bathroom of your dreams. You can invest in your modern new space now without having to use your personal credit cards.

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Smart Options and Clever Alternatives

While you’ve been thinking about your new bathroom for a few months, ReBath has been preparing to remodel your bathroom for the last 35 years! ReBath has over 35 years of experience in bathroom and kitchen renovations. They can provide you with suggestions and options for remodeling a bathroom that you haven’t considered. They know how to take your bathroom to the next level and make it even more impressive.

A Final Thought…

If you’re considering remodeling a bathroom, start by talking to our professional team. While you may be tempted to save money doing the work yourself, you may be surprised at how cost-effective it is to hire the professionals. The work will be completed more quickly, and you’ll have high-quality workmanship that will last for years to come. You can also take advantage of financing options, so all you’ll have to do is sit back and enjoy the beautiful new finished space.

Shower-To-Tub Conversions

The Shower-to-Tub Conversions

Shower to tub conversions are a popular method of increasing the value of your home. The expansion of a shower to a full bath unit can be done relatively easy in bathrooms that have the space for additional installation. Homeowners removing old shower units in shower to tub conversions are replacing outdated fixtures. A new bathtub conversion enhances the room and the total bathing experience.

Conversion Planning and Installation

Because a shower-to-tub conversion requires reconfiguring plumbing, having it professionally done is highly recommended.  By following some basic criteria in tub selection according to size and drain location, a bathroom can be transformed.

Challenges faced in rehabilitating a shower unit to a tub area are sourced in custom size requirements, pipe fittings, expense and finishing. In some cases a bathroom will be too small to add a standard size tub. Select a decorative vision for your bathroom to create a unified environment. Our showrooms have products, tiles, tubs, and showers that will allow you to see the final product before it is completed.

Prior to installation of the new tub unit, our installers will measure the external parameter of the area and drain location. Along with assistance from our designers, you will determine whether an apron style or drop-in tub will be best suited for the space. Or, perhaps an entirely new style of bathtub will be best. That’s the fun! There are lots of great options so that you can get your bathtub and bathroom of your dreams! If  modification of piping is necessary our installers will take care of it. No hassle to you!

Cast-Iron Tub Installation

If your shower to tub conversion includes installation of a cast iron bathtub, keep in mind that the material of these reclaimed beauties is exceptionally heavy in comparison to modern fiberglass units. Our installation team is not only great at making your bathroom look phenomenal, but also keeping your bathroom and house clean and free of debris. Every precaution is taken to ensure that your bathroom remodel is finished on time and with your satisfaction. Drop cloth are used to cover the cast iron from scratching during installation.

Making sure that weight distribution is even when installing a cast iron bathtub is key. Floor joists and wood planks can be placed under the claws of the tub feet to protect flooring during moving and installation. Keeping safety a priority, we use protective gloves and goggles to avoid injury from debris.

Finishing the Tub Area

Once the shower has been uninstalled from the bathroom, the damage to walls will be more apparent. Don’t panic! We’ve got you covered. Preparation for finishing starts with cement backing board prior to tile placement.

Tiles can be the ultimate solution in moisture protection in a bathtub area. Walls can be covered with tile surrounding the tub unit for beauty and water resistance. Regular drywall is not recommended in bath finishing, as mold caused by extreme moisture will threaten tile and grouting stability. As always, you can see and touch the tile you choose for your walls in one of our showrooms with a designer.

Finishing around a tub installation where a shower once stood generally requires tiling or other high end materials. Consider the space and the existing decor and fixtures in transforming your shower unit to luxury bath abode.

For more information about shower to tub conversions, give ReBath and Kitchens of Phoenix, AZ a call at (623) 242 – 7959 or just fill out the form below! Make your bathroom the center of your home with a shower to tub conversion.

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The Small Bath Remodel

A Small Bath Remodel, Big Changes!

Just because a bath is small doesn’t mean it’s not worthy of a spectacular bathroom remodel. Indeed, the very smallness of the bathroom can free the homeowner’s mind to be creative in ways it couldn’t be with a large bathroom, much like the rules of a haiku or sonnet inspire a poet to be creative. ReBath and Kitchens can help with any small bath remodel.

The Design

First, the homeowner needs to know what kind of bathroom he or she would like to see and whether the homeowner wants a major or minor remodel job. (You can check out some bathroom designs on Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz, or right here on our website!) Ultimately, it will be up to the homeowner with help from the design team from ReBath to settle on the line, shape, patterns, colors and textures he or she wants in the bathroom. When the designs of the remodel are decided, the homeowner will then be able to choose structures to bring them to life! This includes vanities, lighting, materials for the floor, walls and countertop, the type of sink, toilet, bathtub, shower and fixtures or even whether a window or skylight is going to be added. Our ReBath and 5 Day Kitchens of Phoenix team can handle it all. The countertop on the vanity might be made of a beautiful marble, granite or any other of our gorgeous stones or tiles. Our showrooms give homeowners the ability to touch and see the product first hand!

Utilizing Space in a Small Bath Remodel

Since the bathroom is small, a ReBath designer can suggest some tricks that will make it look larger, such as vertical stripes on the wall. The designer can also suggest ways to make the space more efficient, like a wall mounted toilet or a wall mounted sink, shower controls housed in a single panel or niches in the walls for storage. In a small bath, storage is at a premium.

Another trick to consider for a small bathroom are light-colored tiles, which will make the space look larger. Dark and light tiles that are laid in an alternating pattern can also make the room look deeper and wider than it is. A shower stall that’s installed in a corner of the room also takes up less space than a traditional stall. This is also true of a diagonal corner tub, which not only saves space but gives the bather a feeling of openness.

Other space saving tips are a sliding door instead of a door that opens in or out. Since the homeowner doesn’t need to worry about clearance, there’s more space in the room.

The Remodel

Once the design has been decided on, the materials have been ordered, ReBath’s contractors can begin work on the small bath remodel. You can rest assured that our remodelers are experienced and highly trained to provide incredible remodels in a short amount of time.

ReBath and Kitchens has been helping customers with their bath and kitchen remodels for over 30 years. This has made them the premier remodeling contractor in the Phoenix, Arizona area. If a homeowner’s in the market for a small bath remodel, they can be reached at (623) 242-7959.

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