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Our Favorite Bathroom Trends for 2017!

Spring cleaning has come and gone, and now it’s getting to longer, lazier summer days full of fun with family and friends. Of course, those lazy summer days might lead to you considering making some renovation changes around your house to keep your mind occupied during the summer months–and that’s where Re-Bath & Kitchens can step in, providing high-quality, fantastic bathroom and kitchen remodels that will make you go “Wow!” Even better, our team has come up with some of our favorite bathroom trends for the year, so read on to see what’s currently in!

The Dramatic Bathroom Redo

Are you the kind of person who thinks bold, dramatic bursts of color add a shot of life to your bathroom? If you’re tired of associating your bathroom with white and silver, this might be the trend of the year that’s just for you! To best accomplish this look, it’s wise to start off with a mood board to focus and streamline your thoughts. (Our bathroom designer will walk you through all this and more during your first appointment!) Colors and shades that are in this year are decadent and rich: deep-sea blues, silky grays. We recommend one, maybe two bold hues, so your bathroom doesn’t get overwhelmed. After all, less is more! For example, you could paint one wall with that color, or choose a cabinet or vanity to paint in a shade of your choice. Now it’s possible to get tiles in a plethora of different options: all shapes, sizes, and finishes are available, so get creative!

Consider adding some metal to your bathroom, as these are finally back in the bathroom. Think mirror frames or towel rails, available in all kinds of metal: brass, rose gold, or even copper. If you’re feeling less permanent or unsure just how far you want to go, accessories are the way to go. Get a loud floral print for your towels, a busy shower curtain, or a wide variety of lotions, perfumes, or whatever else you think would go best in your bathroom! These can shake up the bathroom’s aesthetic dramatically without any lasting consequence, so give it a go.


The Neutral Bathroom Redo

Neutral decors are definitely in right now: subtle creamy colors, complemented with classic whites and oaky browns lend a modern look to any bathroom. Maybe it’s because of the perfect blend of natural and organic, but you can’t go wrong using a neutral-inspired design for your bathroom remodel.

Aged flooring and weathered tiles lend to that natural, relaxed aura you’re trying to create, complemented with a few browns and blue since those are colors that show up the most the most in nature. Speaking of nature, there’s a good chance a summer trend will include trying to bring the outdoors inside! We could be seeing flowers or plants or even grass inside soon! In the meantime, try using more natural items to keep the neutral vibe going: think granite, wood, slate or brick.

You want to keep the bathroom space light and bright: stick to one hue for the bathroom tiles, ideally something beige or gray. Choose a complementary hue for the wall tiles. Once you have this done, you need to make sure the bathroom is well lit: otherwise, the color palettes will go to waste. Large windows can reflect as much natural light as possible, and consider full spectrum or daylight bulbs.


The Heritage Bathroom Redo

Thanks to Downton Abbey, this has had a huge revival! Victorian- and Edwardian-reproduction fixtures are trending, giving you plenty room for choice. You need to blend the period pieces with modern conveniences (toilets with eco-flushes, for example). After all, you don’t want to go all the way back to the 1800s! Consider getting original pieces from auctions or restoration specialists, since fully restored pieces will cost a pretty penny.

Then, get replica tiles and paint colors (greens and blues are currently in). Metro tiles can do the job here, or maybe black-and-white square tiles for a nice, artsy vibe. Again, make sure it’s not too overwhelming for maximum effect. Make sure to set the tub (preferably a roll-top or freestanding bath) in the center to make everyone look twice and complete the rustic look. With the right vintage bathroom decor and guidance, you’ll strike the perfect balance between modern and timeless.


It’s Up To You!

Whatever you end up choosing, our team of experts at Re-Bath & Kitchens is here to help out. Whether it’s a trend from this year or something entirely different, rest assured that our team will make sure that you wind up satisfied with the results that you want. So keep on browsing, and when you’re ready, get in touch–we’ll be waiting to hear from you!