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Shower-To-Tub Conversions

The Shower-to-Tub Conversions

Shower to tub conversions are a popular method of increasing the value of your home. The expansion of a shower to a full bath unit can be done relatively easy in bathrooms that have the space for additional installation. Homeowners removing old shower units in shower to tub conversions are replacing outdated fixtures. A new bathtub conversion enhances the room and the total bathing experience.

Conversion Planning and Installation

Because a shower-to-tub conversion requires reconfiguring plumbing, having it professionally done is highly recommended.  By following some basic criteria in tub selection according to size and drain location, a bathroom can be transformed.

Challenges faced in rehabilitating a shower unit to a tub area are sourced in custom size requirements, pipe fittings, expense and finishing. In some cases a bathroom will be too small to add a standard size tub. Select a decorative vision for your bathroom to create a unified environment. Our showrooms have products, tiles, tubs, and showers that will allow you to see the final product before it is completed.

Prior to installation of the new tub unit, our installers will measure the external parameter of the area and drain location. Along with assistance from our designers, you will determine whether an apron style or drop-in tub will be best suited for the space. Or, perhaps an entirely new style of bathtub will be best. That’s the fun! There are lots of great options so that you can get your bathtub and bathroom of your dreams! If  modification of piping is necessary our installers will take care of it. No hassle to you!

Cast-Iron Tub Installation

If your shower to tub conversion includes installation of a cast iron bathtub, keep in mind that the material of these reclaimed beauties is exceptionally heavy in comparison to modern fiberglass units. Our installation team is not only great at making your bathroom look phenomenal, but also keeping your bathroom and house clean and free of debris. Every precaution is taken to ensure that your bathroom remodel is finished on time and with your satisfaction. Drop cloth are used to cover the cast iron from scratching during installation.

Making sure that weight distribution is even when installing a cast iron bathtub is key. Floor joists and wood planks can be placed under the claws of the tub feet to protect flooring during moving and installation. Keeping safety a priority, we use protective gloves and goggles to avoid injury from debris.

Finishing the Tub Area

Once the shower has been uninstalled from the bathroom, the damage to walls will be more apparent. Don’t panic! We’ve got you covered. Preparation for finishing starts with cement backing board prior to tile placement.

Tiles can be the ultimate solution in moisture protection in a bathtub area. Walls can be covered with tile surrounding the tub unit for beauty and water resistance. Regular drywall is not recommended in bath finishing, as mold caused by extreme moisture will threaten tile and grouting stability. As always, you can see and touch the tile you choose for your walls in one of our showrooms with a designer.

Finishing around a tub installation where a shower once stood generally requires tiling or other high end materials. Consider the space and the existing decor and fixtures in transforming your shower unit to luxury bath abode.

For more information about shower to tub conversions, give ReBath and Kitchens of Phoenix, AZ a call at (623) 242 – 7959 or just fill out the form below! Make your bathroom the center of your home with a shower to tub conversion.

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