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Kitchen Renovation Company

It’s time to remodel the kitchen, and you have to find a remodeler. A good kitchen renovation company can really make a difference with a total remodel or just a few significant changes.


The ReBath and 5-Day Kitchens renovation company offers design consultation in your home so that you can figure out the best use of the space. Our consultants are able to provide samples of material for your kitchen. Paint, new appliances and other options may be considered for a remodel as well. Sometimes, a new sink and faucet can make a big difference by themselves, and new flooring is always a notable change. Just adding a new granite countertop is a major improvement in many kitchen spaces. There are so many neutral shades of granite, color blending is no problem.

One design tip is that maintaining the layout of the kitchen will save on cost even when everything else is replaced. Even if the same kitchen layout is maintained, function can be improved with updates and additions. Maybe those squared-off corners take up too much room, so a rounded countertop could be put in to prevent painful reminders that should not interfere with traffic patterns around the kitchen.

If a total kitchen remodel is called for, our design consultants can help you with color choices so that the overall impression is appealing as opposed to unsettling. The color-coordination of walls, appliances, countertops, cabinets and floors, all at one time, make it easier to come up with the look you want. We know the latest color trends in hardware, paint and wood, and we enjoy helping homeowners create kitchen spaces that make them happy. Sometimes, homeowners feel like they’re in a different house after a satisfying kitchen remodel. An experienced kitchen renovation company knows the value of customer satisfaction and does not ignore the customer’s needs.


Recouping Value

One source of statistics about recouping remodeling costs reports that over 82% of kitchen and bath remodeling costs are recovered in the sale of a home. Some sources have even given a higher percentage! Changing only one aspect of your kitchen or doing a major renovation can brighten up the space and add value to your home. If you don’t plan to sell your home, kitchen updates may improve your daily lifestyle. Simple changes can make a big difference, especially if appliances are not functioning as they should.


1. If plumbing and wiring must be repaired or redone, it’s a good time to redo the decor. It is necessary to open up walls to make these changes, and they will have to be repainted afterwards, so pick a new color to update the kitchen while it’s convenient for you. This may save money in the overall picture of remodeling.

2. Extend the counter for more seating space and change the traffic pattern in the kitchen. New cabinets may even add storage space with better shelving and cupboard divisions for newer stemware and dishes. A new dishwasher may be better equipped to hold dishes and utensils that you use now.

3. Ask our design consultant about your wish list for a new kitchen area and find out what the possibilities are. A helpful kitchen renovation company can advise you about details that you may not think of or be aware of in regard to kitchen remodeling. Knowing how a remodel will progress and what it means for you or your family may ease the overall process.

4. Budget is a consideration in most kitchen remodeling projects, and our design consultants are more than happy to work within your budget to give you the best plan for your money and kitchen needs. Going green, or greener, is a concern of many homeowners, and we can help. New appliances often have energy-saving abilities that older ones don’t, and installing them will pay off in the long run, especially as an asset in selling a home.

5. The use of “green” wood, like bamboo, is another way to conserve resources in flooring and cabinetry. It is also an asset in home sales, frequently. Added to new plumbing and wiring, it’s almost irresistible. Living in a green kitchen is preferable for overall health concerns and heating and cooling efficiency.

6. Details that affect the daily routine, like having a big enough sink to wash large pots in, may be more time-consuming and wearing than you think. The difference a new sink can make may be well worth the change in decreasing the drudgery factor.

Our kitchen renovation company, ReBath and 5 Day Kitchens, is equipped to answer your questions and assist you in completing your new, more-efficient kitchen!

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