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FAQ About Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling in Phoenix, AZ

Let Re-Bath and Kitchens Address All Your Remodeling Needs

If you want to modernize your kitchen or bathroom, are tired of the current aesthetic and desire a new look, or need to update your bathroom to meet the aging in place necessities of the elderly in your family, call Re-Bath and Kitchens in Phoenix, AZ. With more than 40 years of remodeling experience, we have provided a host of bathroom and kitchen remodeling services to homeowners throughout Maricopa County and Northern Arizona for nearly a decade, completing more than 1,000 projects annually. Our kitchen and bathroom renovations encompass every step of the project, from the initial design consultation through completion. Re-Bath and Kitchens is licensed, bonded, and insured to offer you peace of mind. Below are answers to some of the questions we frequently receive regarding our kitchen and bathroom remodels.

Do you perform full remodels or only partials?

We proudly perform full or partial kitchen and bathroom remodels in the Phoenix area. We can install a new vanity and countertops or handle a complete makeover that can include showers, bathtubs, wheelchair ramps, flooring, paint, and fixtures. We have more than 40 years of experience in the remodeling business and can expertly suggest options that will make your kitchen or bathroom superior in terms of appearance and utility.

What companies trust Re-Bath and Kitchens?

Re-Bath and Kitchens is a trusted partner of several companies throughout the region. We are proud to be Home Depot’s exclusive bathroom remodeling partner in Phoenix and Northern Arizona, allowing us to provide our clients with superior, innovative products and services.

What does a kitchen remodel include?

Our comprehensive kitchen remodeling process is customized to suit your desires and any limitations of your home. We will help guide you through a suite of products and designs so that you can select the one that best fits your style. From there, we will measure your space and create a plan to incorporate all of your stylistic elements in a functional manner. We will do so with your budget in mind to ensure that the project works for your home as well as your wallet. Once a final design plan is approved, our team of kitchen remodeling contractors will get to work. With an abundance of experience and a keen eye for detail, our contractors will ensure that your project is completed in a timely manner and without any mistakes. We promise you will be satisfied with our work.

How do I prepare for a kitchen renovation?

You should prepare for a kitchen renovation by having a general idea of what you want the new space to accomplish. We will help steer you in the right direction but be prepared to answer questions concerning the new kitchen’s look or practicality to help us do so. We want to know if you are remodeling so that you can have a flashy kitchen for entertaining or if you hope to add cooking space so you can prepare large meals. Prior to the commencement of our in-home portion of the project, you will need to clear the area of personal belongings. However, we will cover immovable objects and larger furniture to protect them from dust or paint.

What are some elements to consider when remodeling a kitchen?

Re-Bath and Kitchens has you covered from A to Z in terms of ideas and solutions. One of our certified design consultants will visit your home to get an idea of what you have and what you want. He or she will then make suggestions based on our years of expertise in the remodeling business, backed by a company that performs more than 1,000 renovations in Phoenix and the surrounding areas every year. Among the kitchen renovation ideas and solutions we can offer to spruce up your kitchen are various types of:

  • New Cabinets
  • Cabinet Hardware
  • Storage Spaces
  • Modernized Countertops
  • Sinks and Faucets
  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Paints and Backsplashes

How much does a kitchen remodel cost?

The cost to remodel your Arizona kitchen will vary depending on several factors, including the size of your kitchen, the scope of your kitchen remodel, and the product you choose to have us install. Our team of designers is determined to help you create your ideal kitchen and will help discuss ways to achieve your goals without breaking the bank. We vow to remain transparent throughout the planning process so that you have a clear idea of your investment during every step. We will expertly deliver value that exceeds the cost of your project, making sure you are happy with the final result.

How long does a kitchen remodel take to complete?

The time it takes to complete each project is different. However, we understand that timeliness is a crucial factor when choosing a kitchen remodeling contractor and aim to complete your kitchen remodel as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will be quick without rushing through any step of the process. A simple kitchen makeover can take as little as one week, though most remodeling projects will last from two to three weeks. If a project is overly involved, we will make you aware of an extended timeline before we begin. We know that limited access to your kitchen is a major inconvenience, so we will work fast to keep that period as short as we can.

What kind of bathroom remodeling solutions do you recommend?

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. It is where you get ready in the morning and can be a place to wind down after a long day. You want this space to be serene for a soothing bath but practical for a hurried morning routine. There are several options to complete your bathroom. We have years of experience developing solutions that will meet your requirements, such as:

  • Traditional – A traditional bathroom highlights architectural detail while also using decorative inserts and classic lighting to tie the room together and provide a cozy feel.
  • Transitional – Re-Bath and Kitchens can blend elegance with modern style to deliver a transitional bathroom that provides comfort as well as trendy accessories.
  • Contemporary – The modern feel of a contemporary bathroom features sleek cabinetry and simple hardware to create an eye-catching, organic style.

What kind of bathroom remodeling products do you offer?

Re-Bath and Kitchens provide a vast array of products to create the bathroom you have always desired for your Phoenix-area home. We can help you expertly create your remodeled bathroom by incorporating the widest variety of choices for your bathtub or shower, wall surrounds, accessories, countertops, lighting, flooring, toilets, and sinks. Visit our bathroom remodel showroom for ideas regarding:

  • Bathtubs and Showers – We have bathtubs and showers made from DuraBath SSP™ (Solid Surface Polymer) that offer a high-gloss finish and will not dent, rust, peel, or crack. Additionally, we can provide cast-iron bathtubs for added durability.
  • Wall Surrounds – Our choices of wall surrounds include DuraBath SSP™, natural stone, and tile options. The natural stone options offer a seamless appearance, while our bathroom designers can help customize a look for your tile selections.
  • Accessories – To personalize your bathroom and offer peak functionality, Re-Bath, and Kitchens offers accessories such as grab bars, window trim kits, towel bars, toilet paper rings, shower towers, and soap dishes.

Do you merely cover the existing shower when you remodel?

As one of the best bathroom remodel companies in Northern Arizona, Re-Bath and Kitchens does not do anything halfway. When we remodel your bathroom, we will do so entirely. That means that we will tear everything down to the studs and start fresh for your new bathroom. This approach will help improve your bathroom’s feel, appeal, and appearance. Your bathtub or shower will be completely new, and your bathroom will mirror the vision you had in your head.

How long does bathroom remodels take to complete?

Similar to kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels will vary depending on the scope of the project. However, our team of designers and installation experts at our bathroom remodeling company has years of experience remodeling bathrooms in Phoenix and the surrounding areas, so we can get the job done quickly. Most of our bathroom remodels are completed in three days or less.

Can you provide handicap-accessible bathrooms for the elderly?

We offer several handicap accessibility options to help the elderly in your family maintain an independent home life. Among the ways we can assist in this regard are by installing grab bars to ensure safety while bathing. These are not restricted to use in the bathtub alone but can be placed throughout your remodeled bathroom to help with movement and stability. If the lip on the tub has become an issue, we also offer walk-in bathtubs. These will help the elderly bathe safely on their own. If you could use a senior bathroom makeover in the Phoenix area, be sure to give us a call.

How can a bathroom remodel help seniors age in place?

Aging in place is a key element to enjoying one’s golden years. That is why Re-Bath and Kitchens take all of the precautions to ensure bathroom safety for the elderly, from grab bars to walk-in tubs and everything in between. An oft-overlooked consideration for accessibility and safety is the flooring that you choose. Our certified aging-in-place specialists will make suggestions for safe, non-slippery, soft flooring that can help the whole family. Senior bathroom designs are an art form, and we will happily use our decades’ worth of experience to detail all of your options.

Do you offer financing for kitchen and bathroom remodels?

We have many options to make your dream kitchen or bathroom affordable. We know that bathroom and kitchen renovations are significant investments. We will not only help you finance the projects but also highlight ways that you can save money without sacrificing quality. We are your partner throughout this experience and will make sure that you have the monetary resources you need to create the perfect bathroom or kitchen for your home in Phoenix or Northern Arizona.

Do you offer a lifetime warranty on products or labor?

All of the projects performed by Re-Bath and Kitchens come with industry-leading warranties, including lifetime warranties on all DuraBath™ products and all labor costs associated with reasonable repair or replacement from manufacturing defects on DuraBath™ Acrylic.

What are the benefits of remodeling a bathroom?

When you remodel your bathroom, you’re not only enhancing your family’s comfort and convenience, but you’re also improving your home’s resale value. However, bathroom remodeling takes careful planning. Luckily for you, Re-Bath & Kitchens is there from design to installation and handles every aspect of your bathroom renovation. Our bathroom remodeling process in Phoenix, AZ, begins with an in-depth design consultation to determine your dream bathroom’s criteria. Count on us for stylish designs, high-quality workmanship, exceptional customer service, and an industry-leading warranty.

Do you offer design services?

Absolutely! Our design consultants believe good design is meant to be enjoyed by everyone. Our design capabilities range the gamut from classic and traditional to rustic and contemporary. Certified interior designers across the country have spent years honing our interior design process to ensure your total satisfaction with our custom solutions. If you’re ready to get started on your dream kitchen or bathroom, schedule a free in-home design consultation with our team. Whether you’re interested in replicating a gorgeous design you’ve seen in a magazine or on TV, or you need assistance brainstorming desirable elements and features, we’re happy to help!

What’s included in a full bathroom remodel?

A full bathroom remodels may include updating your bathtub, shower, and toilet, followed by replacing your vanities, flooring, and lighting fixtures. Whether your goal is to make your bathroom feel more modern and comfortable or safer with aging-in-place requirements, Re-Bath & Kitchens has over 40 years of expertise to pull off your full bathroom remodel without a hitch. Our bathroom remodeling process begins with an in-depth design consultation. We encourage you to view our portfolio to help you determine your desires prior to your consultation. Nothing’s out of scope for our experienced team!

What’s included in a partial bathroom remodel?

Does your bathroom have mold or mildew in the shower or an outdated toilet? Perhaps it’s time for a partial bathroom remodel involving a tub-to-shower conversion or a shower replacement. When you enlist the help of Re-Bath & Kitchens, you can expect your partial bathroom remodel project to be completed in days, not weeks or months. Our efficient bathroom remodeling process begins with your design consultation. Whether you need new cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, or lighting, you can expect us to install top-of-the-line products backed by the industry’s best warranties.

What should I expect with a free in-home consultation?

At Re-Bath & Kitchens, our priority is complete customer satisfaction. We achieve this through our involved home remodeling process, which always begins with a free in-home consultation. A design consultant from our team will meet you at your home to measure your kitchen or bathroom being renovated. We’ll discuss your design ideas and help you select the best products for your budget and lifestyle from among the industry’s leading brands. By providing an array of colors, patterns, finishes, and textures for you to choose from, we’re confident you’ll love the end results. We encourage you to download a free copy of our Effortless magazine to make the most of your free in-home consultation!

Contact our kitchen and bathroom remodeling specialists in Peoria, Prescott Valley, Scottsdale, and Phoenix, AZ, today for a free in-home consultation, and be sure to ask about our lifetime warranties!