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Bathroom Cabinets in Scottsdale, AZ

Enhancing Your Bathroom Remodel with Beautiful Cabinets

Bathrooms are one of a home’s most frequently used rooms, so it makes sense to create a comfortable space that matches your style. Re-Bath & Kitchens has spent over 40 years as a bathroom contractor, helping Arizona residents beautify their home spaces with countertops, flooring, wall surrounds, and cabinets. If you’re planning a remodel in Prescott Valley, Phoenix, Peoria, or Scottsdale, AZ, we install bathroom cabinets of various types. Our team produces stock cabinets, semi-custom cabinets when you want to add a personal touch, and entirely custom bathroom cabinets to ensure your space is unique and precisely fits your vision. Our expertise includes designing, building, and installing cabinets of all types to fit your space with exact measurements and quality craftsmanship. You select the wood, finish, and style you want for your bathroom storage cabinets, medicine cabinets, vanity cabinets, and many other options. Let us take your ideas for a perfect bathroom and transform them into high-quality, attractive cabinets.

Bathroom Cabinet Designs by Certified Professionals

Remodeling a bathroom requires you to consider a wide array of important details, from choosing the right floor tile to creating functional and appealing bathroom cabinets with a sink. The good news is Re-Bath & Kitchens has a team of certified design experts to help you turn your vision into tangible finished products. We start your remodeling adventure with an initial consultation to discuss what your project entails. You choose the materials, colors, and other details while advising you to shape our understanding of your aesthetic taste and functional needs. During the in-home consultation, we take precise measurements and start mapping out where everything will be installed. Another benefit of working with us is our extensive product knowledge, making it quicker and easier for you to decide what we include. After the consultation, our designer drafts a plan using your unique preferences to create a beautiful space that meets your expectations.

Choose from Stock, Semi-Custom, & Custom Cabinets

Re-Bath & Kitchens understands every client has their own style and budget. Bathroom cabinets are available in various options to fit your needs. Whether you want a cost-effective solution to bathroom wall cabinets or choose to invest in fully personalized bathroom mirror cabinets, there are a few directions for you to consider:

  • Stock – If you want a fast and easy option for your remodel, stock cabinets are built-in common cabinet sizes with specific door styles, colors, and finishes. These previously designed options are built quicker than semi-custom and custom cabinets, and they tend to be less expensive. There are plenty of styles to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about a lack of creativity.
  • Semi-Custom – This cabinet option lets you personalize the style and look with more style options than stock cabinets. You also choose from a broad range of paints, glazes, stains, and specialty finishing styles like distressing. Add unique touches, such as legs and feet, crown molding, and various hardware choices. Semi-custom cabinets will cost you more than stock but less than full custom options.
  • Custom – With custom cabinets, you get endless options to design distinctive pieces for your bathroom, but it is the most expensive option. They also take the longest time to build, but you can get almost anything you want for them if you have the budget for it and the time while we create them.

What Cabinet Style Fits Your Aesthetic Needs?

You can go in many directions with your bathroom remodel, from a warm and cozy space to an eye-catching modern look. Here are a few design choices for you to consider when planning your new bathroom cabinets.

  • Traditional – If you’re a fan of past cabinet styles, a traditional option provides classic elegance with a welcoming feel. You can select a more elegant aesthetic with distinctive knobs and handles on the doors or give your bathroom a warm, lived-in feel with ornamental touches and decorative features.
  • Transitional – Homeowners who wish to balance contemporary chic with classic elegance can choose a transitional style for their bathroom cabinets. These designs feature a warm and comfortable traditional style with trendy touches like hardware and other accessories. This straightforward aesthetic looks great with wood and stone surfaces.
  • Contemporary – Get an edgier aesthetic with contemporary design’s geometric and functional features. Sleek and chic cabinetry pairs with simple hardware and cutting-edge fixtures to give this option a modern appeal. You can also choose to go with no handles at all to simplify the look.

Contact Re-Bath & Kitchens to Start Your Remodel

Whatever style and features you choose to add to your new bathroom, Re-Bath & Kitchens is ready to help you personalize your space so that it’s appealing and comfortable. We complete over a thousand remodels every year, and our experience and in-depth product knowledge ensure your new custom bathroom cabinets match your vision and exceed your expectations. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation and tell us about your dream bathroom.