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Hiring Remodeling Contractors? How to Check Their References in Phoenix

Advice from Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Contractors in Phoenix

With so many kitchen and bath remodeling contractors in the Phoenix, AZ area to choose from, it can be difficult knowing who to trust with your project. While you may be tempted to take a do-it-yourself approach to avoid the hassle of choosing a contractor, this isn’t advisable when there are plumbing and electrical elements involved. One thing’s for sure: you should always check professional references before hiring someone, no matter how competitive their bid was for your business. A reputable bath and kitchen remodeling contractor should be able to give you several references (be sure to ask for at least 10) that include former customers and their bank, as well as other companies and vendors they work within the area. As a well-trusted company in Northern Arizona for over 40 years, Re-Bath & Kitchens sheds light on how to check references and why you should so you don’t get the wool pulled over your eyes by other less-than-credible contractors.

Why It’s Vital to Always Check Professional References

You probably wouldn’t go to a doctor, dentist, or chiropractor without reading reviews online or asking your friends and family for a reference first. Why should choosing a home remodeling contractor be any different? Depending on the scope of your planned renovation project, kitchen and bath remodel costs can be high. You can’t afford to select an inexperienced contractor that doesn’t have the right kind of remodeling expertise or the know-how when it comes to selecting the best materials for your budget. You would also be surprised by how many fly-by-night contractors come and go in an area as vast as the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Asking for references is one way you can protect yourself from making a bad investment because it gives you peace of mind that a contractor is well-established. You should also check to see if they’re licensed, bonded, and insured for further protection. If you were wondering, Re-Bath & Kitchens meets all three of these criteria.

Tips for Checking a Home Remodeling Contractor’s Referrals

Asking for a list of professional references from a contractor is just the tip of the iceberg. You should also be ready to contact some – if not all – of them and ask questions about the contractor’s work. A potential contractor should also be prepared to provide you with a letter of recommendation from their bank showing you they’re financially solvent, as well as at least one letter from a vendor showing they pay their bills for materials on time. They should also be willing to show you their portfolio, so that you can examine past projects as a visual testament to their craftsmanship. Re-Bath & Kitchens has previous kitchen and bathroom remodels you can view conveniently from your own home in our online gallery. We believe the quality of our remodeling skills speaks for itself through these photos. Another good point of reference is the Better Business Bureau. You can easily view if a business is accredited with them online, with their rating with them being a strong indicator of their average customer review. For the record, Re-Bath & Kitchens works hard to maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Questions You Should Ask Your Contractor’s References

You should treat checking your contractor’s references as seriously as a job interview. After all, you’re trying to find the best contractor for the job and weed out the competition. Just as a potential employer would ask you questions during an interview to determine your qualifications for the posted position, you’re also trying to decide which contractor best meets your criteria. Their ability to complete the work on-time and on-budget should be high on your list of requirements. Taking the time to ask the right questions now could save you hassles later in your bathroom or kitchen remodeling project. Here are some valid questions to ask your contractor’s references:

  • What kind of remodeling project did this contractor complete for you?
  • Was it a partial or full remodel? How long did it take to complete?
  • Were you given a clear project outline showing what the contractor was going to do and when?
  • How often did the contractor or their crew show up on time or late to the job site?
  • How clean was the job site when they left each day?
  • Did you check this contractor’s credentials before hiring them?
  • Did the contractor need to obtain any building permits? Did they have any difficulty doing so?
  • Were the contractor and crew pleasant and professional at all times?
  • How would you rate the level of communication with this contractor?
  • Was your project completed on-time and on-budget? If there were any delays or unexpected costs, did the contractor explain why clearly? Did any sacrifices need to be made?
  • Did the work pass all necessary code inspections?
  • Did this contractor’s work meet your expectations? If you were dissatisfied with the work for whatever reason, how did they address this?
  • Would you hire this contractor for another home remodeling project?

The Contractor of Choice for Home Depot & Other Companies

With a reputation spanning 40+ years, Re-Bath & Kitchens is proud to be the contractor of choice for Home Depot and many other companies in Northern Arizona. We’ve completed thousands of bathroom and kitchen remodels in Maricopa County and surrounding areas. While not all contractors in our area may be able to boast this amount of relevant work experience, even smaller, relatively new contractors should be able to provide you with at least 10 professional references. You should be wary of anyone who claims they can’t.

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For bathroom and kitchen remodel costs and ideas in the Phoenix area, please contact Re-Bath & Kitchens. You may visit one of our four showrooms in Peoria, Prescott Valley, and Scottsdale, or request a free in-home design estimate. We would also be more than happy to provide you with a list of professional references!