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Kitchen Lighting Installation in Phoenix, AZ

Light up Your Kitchen with Re-Bath & Kitchens

Creating your ideal kitchen lighting is a lot like cooking the perfect meal. You need the right recipe and combination of ingredients. Re-Bath & Kitchens installs kitchen light fixtures for homeowners in the Phoenix, AZ, area. Our lighting professionals can install recessed kitchen lighting, under-cabinet lighting, kitchen cabinet lighting, and more. We can assist you with the location of your lighting, your preferred style, and whether or not you want to add dimmers. The kitchen is the hub of many homes, and the proper lighting can make all the difference. Our lighting experts would be happy to visit your home in Peoria, Scottsdale, or Prescott Valley to provide a free in-home estimate.

Factors to Consider About Kitchen Lighting

Selecting the appropriate kitchen lighting fixtures is just as crucial as choosing kitchen equipment and flooring. Lighting can sometimes be overlooked, and gone are the days when homeowners rely on fluorescent light fixtures. Technology has come a long way, and using the best lighting features can help make your dream kitchen a reality. Check out the following factors to consider regarding your new kitchen lighting:

  • Space – When designing your kitchen, keep lighting in mind. Our team can help with lighting options whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or lighting was an afterthought. Natural light should be considered, and brighter light tones can be helpful for smaller spaces.
  • Functionality – Light can be your best friend while you’re cooking, preparing food, or doing the dishes. Installing lights under your kitchen cabinets or countertops is becoming more and more popular for homeowners in Phoenix. LED lights can be positioned at the corners of your countertops to help you see while your lights are off.
  • Ambiance – Kitchen lighting can help you set the mood by using tone and color. Warm colors in the kitchen can make the room more attractive and the food looks more appealing.
  • Focal Points – The appropriate kitchen lighting can set up a point of convergence and identify and highlight the centerpiece you desire. Focal points often include kitchen islands, backsplashes, or shelves.

Types of Kitchen Lighting

There are many types of lighting for your kitchen. Kitchens are a place to prepare and cook food, but they can also be used as the hub of many homes. Proper lighting can provide functional and aesthetic values to your kitchen. Our team can install several types of kitchen lighting fixtures, including:

  • Chandeliers – Use a chandelier as a classy accent piece for your kitchen. There are many types of chandeliers based on your style, lighting needs, and budget.
  • Under-Cabinet Lights – Installed on the underside of kitchen cabinets, you’ll easily be able to identify what’s in your cabinets. Under-cabinet lights can also add ambiance.
  • Recessed Lighting – Cover a wide range of your kitchen area with recessed lights, which are directly attached to shallow holes in your kitchen walls, ceiling, or other surfaces. Recessed lighting can also highlight paintings, decorative items, and more.
  • Dimmers – Making your kitchen lighting dimmable offers an easy way to set the mood and use the perfect amount of light at all times.
  • Pendant Lights – Admired for their flexibility, pendant lighting is mounted on the ceiling and uses a draping wire or rod. These lights can be adjusted and are out of the way, so they don’t take up valuable space.

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in the Valley

Re-Bath & Kitchens is proud to be the leading kitchen remodeling contractor in Phoenix, AZ. You can rely on our team for all aspects of your kitchen remodel. We make kitchen renovations easy and can help you with custom kitchen remodeling ideas. Trust our team for new cabinets, storage solutions, modernized countertops, cabinet hardware, sinks and faucets, flooring, paints and backsplashes, and more. You can trust us for a guaranteed successful kitchen remodel and a lifetime warranty. We have financing available and offer professional service at all times. Contact us today to learn more or schedule your free in-home estimate.