About Our Team at Re-Bath & Kitchens®

Kurt Kittleson
Owner / Founder

"I was the co-founder of ReBath in 1978. For over 40 years we have provided quality remodeling products and services in the valley and around the world.

You can be assured we will provide the best customer experience while giving you the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams!

Why would you take a chance with your money when you don’t have to? Use a company you can trust!"

Kitchen & Bathroom Design Consultants

Our experienced bathroom and kitchen remodeling consultants, who are some of the best around, will be with you at every stage of your bathroom or kitchen remodel. They will help you create an innovative kitchen or bathroom design that meets all of your family’s needs. Our consultants are very knowledgeable and will find a solution for any of your bathroom or kitchen problems. We invite you to take advantage of their vast knowledge and make the most out of your bathroom or kitchen remodel.

Design Consultants

Installation Technicians

Re-Bath & Kitchens® employs some of the best craftsmen for kitchen or bathroom remodeling in Arizona! Re-Bath & Kitchens® does not subcontract our work, meaning anyone who will come out to your house for work on your kitchen or bathroom remodel has been background checked and trained Re-Bath & Kitchens. Additionally, we continuously train our technicians on the latest kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling techniques. Our specialists are exceptionally skilled and because of that, we guarantee their work!

Installation Technicians throwing their hats in the air


Expect Success with Our Remodeling Specialists on the Job

When choosing the right remodelers for your job, skill and experience count for a great deal. Our bathroom and kitchen remodeling specialists use their impressive knowledge to come up with a creative design for you that best utilizes the space you already have. Let us incorporate new styles and colors with features and fixtures, all of which will come together in a unified design that makes your kitchen or bathroom truly unique. After all, our goal is to find solutions for problems with the existing design and renovate the space so it meets your family’s needs. This is how we define success.

Guaranteeing the Work of Our Installation Technicians

Feel confident we send our best to your home for any kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. We never subcontract out work, so you can rest assured that the Installation Technicians who arrive at your door are fully trained and certified. Before we hire anyone to our team, we run thorough background checks. These same installers are skilled craftsmen who undergo regular training to keep up-to-date on the latest techniques. In fact, our installers are so reliable we guarantee their work.

Contact us today for service from skilled and experienced remodeling specialists and installation technicians. We proudly serve customers in Maricopa County and Northern Arizona.