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2021 Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Trends

Re-Bath & Kitchen’s Remodeling Trends

If you’re thinking about doing a bathroom or kitchen remodel soon, we’ve got all you need to know about the newest trends. Re-Bath & Kitchens helps residents in Prescott Valley, AZ and the surrounding areas bring their dreams for kitchens and bathrooms to life. We understand many people want the latest trending looks with high technology and a classic, warm feeling. When you walk into your kitchen or bathroom, you should smile and know it’s your unique creation. Enjoy our ideas as you get started on your kitchen or bathroom remodeling journey.

Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans have been all the rage in kitchens and living areas for a while. You walk into the room and feel like it’s bigger with more space for entertaining or relaxing. The newest trend is opening your bathroom. Gone are the days of hiding a bathroom in a tiny nook. You can remodel your bathroom with an open floor plan by going for an open shower with floor-to-ceiling tile, try a space-saving bathtub under a window in a guest bathroom, or install a floating vanity. Your bathroom should feel comfortable with enough space that you don’t feel stuffy when getting ready in the morning or after a hot shower.

Bring The Spa Home

The idea of a relaxing spa doesn’t just need to be at the actual spa. Create your own at-home spa in your master bathroom. Install a jacuzzi tub with jets to enjoy a massage while you bathe. You can install a prominent vanity area with unique seating. Make your bathroom your place of luxury with small details.

Technology In The Bathroom

You can make your bathroom high-tech. From saving water to making your space more hygienic, technology is a big trend. Smart controls improve your water temperature, help you conserve water, and detect leaks. Motion-sensor lighting enables you to save on electricity bills. Integrated speakers and an audio system let you pump up the music surrounding you while you shower. We’ve seen televisions in bathrooms for years now, but now it’s all about streaming your favorite videos on them.

Warm Colors 

The bathroom is often thought of as a place of peace where you unwind after a long day in your bath or shower. Surrounding yourself with warm colors is big right now for this reason. Rustic cabinets and warm walls give your personal oasis that calm feeling. You can add warm accent patterns or tiles. If you want to go the extra mile, upgrade flooring to warm faux wood tiles.

Back-Lit Mirrors and Medicine Cabinets

Many people love the look of a back-lit mirror. Medicine cabinets also give your bathroom a sleek, modern look. Ambient lighting is perfect without reflections or added glares in the bathroom. These functional additions have an ideal look and feel.

Seamless Surfaces 

Seamless surfaces make it easier to clean, and most people are all about the ease of cleaning things. Instead of tile, seamless surfaces provide the perfect solution. The European-inspired look gives your countertops a gorgeous, glowing design.

In-Floor Heating and Towel Warmers

We’re going for comfort and feeling cozy in our bathroom, so you can’t leave out towel warmers and in-floor heating. Heated towel rails allow you to get out of the shower on a cold day and wrap yourself in warmth. Floor heating is energy efficient and helps you feel cozy walking through a cold bathroom.

Deluxe Showers

Large walk-in showers are taking the place of beautiful bathtubs in many homes. People want to feel like they’re in a special place in their shower. Multiple showerheads and steam features make people feel like they’re at the spa instead of an everyday shower. Many people love to put benches in their shower and extra room for shower caddies.

Smart Toilets and Bidets

Smart toilets and bidets are helping lead the germ-free revolution. Most people hate cleaning toilets, but smart toilets and bidets give them a boost. With hands-free components like touch-free flushing and self-closing lids, you never have to touch them. There are bacteria-killing lights under the lids and cling-free bowl surfaces on many.

Kitchen Goes High Tech

Kitchen technology is nothing new. We’re just giving it a boost with charging stations, emergency power options if your refrigerator goes out, and smart technology. Upgraded faucets boost water conservation while many appliances are touch-free. Wireless controls in appliances give you the upper hand, and home assistants tell you about your timeline for the day while you make breakfast.

Bright Cabinets

Colorful cabinets make your kitchen pop. This doesn’t mean you need to have neon orange cabinets to make a statement, but it does mean colors like blue and red are making their mark. Tile accents are a great choice to surround bright cabinets, complementing them with color.

Black and Sleek

Classic kitchens are often white or brown for a timeless look. The farmhouse trend isn’t gone yet, but we see a lot more black and sleek kitchens. Drama and mood of warmth and beauty are brought together with touches of black. Black metals, accents, and textured wood give a special touch.

Pantry Organization

One of the biggest trends right now is an organized pantry. Instead of boxes and cans thrown everywhere, many people are hiring professional organizers. Open shelving with labeled baskets and jars is a big hit. You can put things in the order you want and save time without rummaging through a million things later.

Faucets and Floors

Matte and brushed finishes on kitchen faucets are a hit this year. Black, nickel, and stainless are the biggest materials right now. Kitchen floors are going for luxury vinyl plank, tile, ceramic porcelain, and hardwood. While bringing a touch of art to the area, they also provide optimal durability. The kitchen is all about functionality with style right now.

Bold Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks are going wild with a bigger size and bolder fixtures. Gold and brass are taking over silver. Oversized sinks are elegant and modern with a farmhouse touch. People love the oversized look and feel of sinks and refrigerators this year.

Don’t Forget The Ceiling

The boring white ceiling is so yesterday. You can make it pop with tiles, beams, and shiplap. Skylights bring in more natural light and give the feel of your kitchen a boost.

Mix and Match Metals

Stainless steel isn’t exactly out the door, but it now has some opponents. People love to mix and match different materials on sinks, faucets, lighting fixtures, appliances, and cabinet hardware. This creates a dynamic, deep design. It makes the kitchen a unique room full of excitement instead of just a plain, classic room.

Kitchen Countertop Trends

Your kitchen countertops are the main focal point of your kitchen renovation. Light-colored quartz countertops and subway backsplashes aren’t going anywhere. In the middle of many people’s kitchens, the island needs a strong countertop with a bold color and finish. Quartz is a high-end alternative to granite with pores to help keep away staining and leaking.

Smart Fixtures

Smart technologies in refrigerators, lighting, and other appliances are huge. You can remotely monitor everything from your cup of coffee to the temperature of your freezer. Touchless faucets make washing hands a breeze. Your home values rise while you enjoy convenience.

Fashion-Forward Appliances

Even your kitchen appliances can stay updated on fashion. Beautiful colors like white gloss and champagne rose steel adorn refrigerators and dishwashers. You can use changeable color flat panels to personalize your appliances without the commitment. Fashion-forward appliances hopefully won’t fade like the olive green refrigerators of the 1970s. For now, it’s all about going glam.

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