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Franchise Of The Year: Re-Bath and 5 Day Kitchen of Phoenix

And The Winner Is….

ReBath and 5 Day Kitchens of Phoenix!

We are thrilled to be named “Franchise Of The Year” for both 5 Day Kitchens and ReBath of Phoenix.

In January, The Home Brands Group presented Kurt Kittleson, owner of Re-Bath and 5 Day Kitchens of Phoenix, with this prestigious award at their annual convention. The Home Brands Group Reunion is a convention of hundreds of franchises such as; Re-Bath, 5 Day Kitchens, and bluefrog Plumbing + Drain.

Re-Bath LLC President, Marty Rasmuseen, says, “Kurt has been a successful entrepreneur his entire life. He is committed to developing his team and giving them the opportunity to excel. Above all, he is a leader and team player with the Re-Bath organizations best interests in mind. He encourages all to work not only harder, but smarter.”

Danielle Lund, Marketing Director for Re-Bath and 5 Days of Kitchen of Phoenix says, “Re-bath and 5 Day Kitchens of Phoenix puts the customer first. We all know that the construction business has a negative perception, so it’s our goal at Re-bath and 5 Day Kitchens of Phoenix to give our customers a superior experience from start to finish. We have a dedicated team of people who enjoy their job and helping to give our customers a painless remodeling experience. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for our customers. Winning the Franchise of the Year award is the icing on the cake but the true joy is seeing our company grow with satisfied customers.”

Kurt Kittleson founded ReBath in 1979 and took over the Phoenix metro area in March of 2010. Two years later he became the Re-Bath and 5 Day Kitchen remodeler for Northern Arizona. Kittleson says, “Remodeling is a very difficult business for the home owner. We try and make all phases as simple as we can for them. By offering bath, kitchen, and a full line of flooring, we are accomplishing one of our goals, making it simpler and easier for the home owner. Our objective in all 3 lines is to bring as much of our design center to the consumer as possible, so their time and travel for making their choices is minimal. If we do a good job, and we do, why would you want to work with 3 contractors when you can work with one? Our customer satisfaction and convenience is the reason we are Franchise Of The Year. We are all very proud.”

How to “Green” Your Kitchen Remodel

Let’s Go Green!

It’s 2015 and the green movement is in full swing. Consumers everywhere are giving up the bulky, energy wasting items of the past to embrace new, high efficiency designs that not only offer the latest and greatest in comfort and convenience, but also help to reduce energy waste and the tangible impact we have on the environment. For consumers like you, “going green” isn’t just a great way to improve the environment, but also has a great benefit to your budget with potential tax credits, reduced utility bills, and longevity. Making the switch to a green lifestyle is a cost-conscious consumer must, and it starts in your kitchen.

When planning your remodel with 5 Day Kitchens, there are a variety of great ways you can incorporate your passions for the environment into an awesome, state-of-the-art design. Let’s discuss the different ways you can make your kitchen energy efficient while creating a design that you’ll be proud to live in year after year. Of course, the easiest way to learn all your option on “going green” for your kitchen or bathroom remodel, is to schedule a free, no obligation, in-home consultation.

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The Golden Age of Kitchens

What Made The 1950s a Revolutionary Time for Kitchens (and how it can help you design the ultimate cooking space)

When we look back at the early 1950s, America was in a time of black-and-white wholesomeness. The dress was modest and heavy, the entertainment was inoffensive and family friendly, and the county was enjoying a post-World-War-II economic boom that allowed returning GIs and their families the chance, for the first time, to invest in homes of their own. Despite this seemingly white-bread-milquetoast-paradise, change was bubbling below the surface and American society would soon experience a cultural and political revolution like it had not seen before. Though the music would soon get faster and louder; the clothing would become more colorful and risqué; and the voices of the American youth would be heard louder and taken more seriously than they ever had before; a revolution of another kind was taking place right in our very homes – and it was happening in the kitchen.

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What is in a High-Tech Bathroom?

Give your Bathroom a High-Tech Makeover

As goes the world, so too go our bathrooms, and in the days of driverless cars, hands-free devices, and digital everything, there has never been a better time to update and remodel your bathroom with a focus on the latest technology. If you’re ready to revolutionize the time you spend in the washroom, here’s a list of ways you can incorporate some of the most innovative and groundbreaking technologies into your cleaning regimen.

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Value of a Bathroom Remodel

Quickly Add Value to your Home with a Bathroom Remodel

As the economy continues to grow and the unemployment rate across the country continues to fall, the recession that has tightly gripped this country for the better part of the last decade seems to be further and further in the rearview mirror. One sure-fire sign of strong economic improvement are increased home sales, and projections are beginning to surface about 2015’s potential to be a banner year. In fact, according to a recently published article by an ABC News affiliate out of Boston, many experts are predicting the best year for home sales since the early 2000s. With the market expanding and demand starting to grow, now is the perfect time to consider getting your home in shape to put on the market. But how, you may wonder, can you increase your home’s value and attractiveness to potential buyers? The answer just a flush away: remodel your bathroom.

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Guys, Turn Your Bathroom Into A Valentine’s Day Surprise (for less then $9)

Okay, fellas! This Valentine’s Day, we’re going to help you turn your bathroom into a romantic spa for your beautiful lady. She’ll love you for it and best of all, it will cost you less than $9.

The Plan

On February 14th, get home before she does and prepare the bathroom. Make sure the tub is clean and fully rinsed. You don’t want the tub smelling like bleach. About 10 minutes before she arrives, fill the tub with pipping hot water and include her favorite scented salts or bubble bath. If you don’t know her favorite bubble bath, lavender scented products are usually a safe choice. By the time she’s ready to get into the tub, the temperature of the water will be perfect. Okay, we’re off to the right start, now let’s keep going! Continue reading

Kitchen Trends of 2015

Kitchens of the Future: What To Expect For Kitchens In 2015

Kitchens throughout history have served as everything from servant’s quarters and heat sources for one-room buildings, to formal dining spaces that were used more as showplaces than living spaces. Today, kitchens serve a dual purpose as not only a place where we go to store and prepare food, but also a place where you socialize with family and friends – the living room of the 21st century.

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