What is in a High-Tech Bathroom?

Give your Bathroom a High-Tech Makeover

As goes the world, so too go our bathrooms, and in the days of driverless cars, hands-free devices, and digital everything, there has never been a better time to update and remodel your bathroom with a focus on the latest technology. If you’re ready to revolutionize the time you spend in the washroom, here’s a list of ways you can incorporate some of the most innovative and groundbreaking technologies into your cleaning regimen.

How To Get a High Tech Shower

Outside of our beds, one of the only spaces in our house that is guaranteed daily use are our showers. In fact, according to CBS News, men and women average almost 65 hours in the shower every year. Showers have long been a place for us to relax and get clean, but with some recent technological innovations hitting the market, it can also be one of the most high-tech spaces in our home.

The thermostat control is probably the most significant update technology can bring to your shower, and the newest devices are making it easy to control everything from water pressure, temperature, spray choice, and even lighting with literally the touch of a button (or in some cases without any touch at all). These advanced interfaces make great options for couples or families who have different shower preferences and are tired of adjusting each time they hop in. With these high-tech thermostats, all you have to do is set your guidelines and preferences once, and every shower will be perfect down to the degree.

Many of these innovative thermostats are also integratable with mobile technology, meaning you can start the shower from your smartphone before you even get out of bed – talk about luxury!

Technology for Toilets

Toilets have come a long way since the days of holes in the ground in wooden outhouses, and by embracing the latest and greatest in toilet technology, you can give your heiny the royal treatment it deserves. Techy toilets on the market today offer all kinds of awesome features including motion-activated lid and flushing mechanisms, dryers, deodorizers, massage features, heated seats, remote controls, night-lights, bidet features, and so much more.

There are even modern toilets on the market that’ll help turn your waste into eco-friendly compost.

Though the options are seemingly limitless, but one thing is certain, if you don’t modernize your toilet with these high-tech options, your commode will never quite live up to its affectionate “throne” nickname.

How to Sync Your Sinks

You may recall last month when we asked you to “Rethink Your Sink,” and if you didn’t then, you most certainly will now, with these incredible innovations in sink technology. You’ve seen them in modern public bathrooms, and now many consumer-grade sinks offer hands free technology for a clean and germ-free washing experience. There are even sink options with included rotating LED and thermostat memory to make your washing experience exactly as you’d like it. The process of drying your hands has seen its fair share of innovation as well, with everything from sanitizing and warming towel racks to air-fueled hand driers that will dry your hands in less that 15 seconds. Awesome accessories like automatic soap dispensers, UV toothbrush sanitizers, and mirror defogging systems are also great additions to your 21st century water closet.

Technology For Your Whole Bathroom

Customizing and upgrading individual aspects of your bathroom is a great way to bring it into the 21st century, but there are some steps you can take to move your entire space into the future. Here are three great ways to revolutionize your space on an overall level.

Add a Soundtrack – Though we’re all great singers in the shower, being able to listen to your favorite songs while going through your daily cleanliness routine is an easy way to help your bathroom reach its relaxation potential. Wiring your bathroom for sound used to be a complicated mess, but now, with Bluetooth technology, your shower, bathtub, cabinets, walls, or vanity can become an awesome amplifier that you can control right from your smartphone or tablet.

Warm it Up – Whether it’s your first step onto cold tile in the morning, or the shock of going from a warm shower to a room-temperature floor, freezing toes and feet are nobody’s idea of a relaxing way to spend your day. The answer is clear and easy: install heated floors. The technology has been around for some time, but the widespread use is just beginning to become commonplace among the newest and most luxurious bathrooms. It’s also a great way to supplement expensive heating costs for those who are looking to save some cash by turning down the thermostat overnight.

Add a TV – You can put it in your shower, your can add it to your mirror, or you can position it in front of the toilet – no matter where you put it, a TV can be a great addition to any bathroom design. With the advent of wireless cable and Internet streaming, the cost-effectiveness of modern models, and the thin and compact nature of what’s available on the market, a TV can be seamlessly worked into your already high-tech design. Catch up on the day’s news, preview the weather, or watch your favorite clips on Youtube all without having to set aside extra time in the morning right in your bathroom.

What makes these innovative and incredible tech upgrades so impressive is not just the level of comfort they offer, but how quickly many of these awesome advances are moving towards the consumer level. Though they offer plenty of services that can make life easier, they’re definitely something that shouldn’t be installed without the proper technique or knowledge of a professional. When you sit down with one of the talented and qualified representatives from ReBath of Phoenix or Northern Arizona, they’ll show you exactly how you can turn your technology wish list into a reality. If you’re ready to bring your bathroom into the 21st century, let us help you do it right. Contact us or call for your free in-home consultation. (480) 998-8900

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