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Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas

Are you planning a kitchen remodel? Because the kitchen is the heart of the home and the place where people spend the most time, renovating the kitchen can greatly enhance your enjoyment of your home. What’s more, when it’s time to sell, the right kitchen remodel will make a big difference in your listing price. If you need some interior design inspiration, we’ve got some luxury kitchen ideas to get your imagination going.

  • Countertops can be luxurious. They come in a variety of materials and styles and can be extremely striking. One sure way to make an impact is to install a waterfall countertop that flows over the sides of the counter down to the floor. It’s a dramatic look that’s very popular, because it’s so interesting and elegant. Consider an upscale countertop material, too, like polished marble.
  • Make a statement with your island. An island doesn’t have to be boxy and rectangular. A unique shape that helps define the kitchen space can add interest, and treating the island as a big, beautiful piece of furniture will open possibilities you may not have previously considered. If you’ve got the space, you can even make the bold move of installing two islands, one for prep and one for seating.
  • Lighting can make a huge difference. There are so many different types of lights to choose for a kitchen that it’s easy to layer them, adding a sense of depth to your kitchen while making sure it’s sufficiently illuminated. Include task, mood, and feature lighting, choosing light fixtures that complement each other, in coordinating colors and finishes.
  • Your cabinetry can be stunning. Wooden cabinets are having a renaissance, with their traditional beauty and craftsmanship being carried into the modern aesthetic with new techniques and detailing. One trend right now is to combine a darker toned wood with a lighter finish, to create a feeling of depth yet reflect natural light. If you prefer painted cabinets, consider the very contemporary trends of bold shades and two-toned cabinets, perhaps with the upper and lower cabinets painted in complementary colors.
  • The kitchen sink can be a focal point. Traditionally solely utilitarian, the humble kitchen sink has now become a bit of a style icon. Apron sinks are popular right now, and while they’re also known as farmhouse sinks, they can be incorporated beautifully into just about any other type of design, even industrial. For true luxury, consider a second, smaller sink, like a small, round bar sink, to make prep easier during busy times.
  • A beautiful backsplash can elevate the space. It’s easy to show off your style by using the backsplash for artistic expression, and you’ll end up with a beautiful focal point for your kitchen. Trending right now are high-shine backsplashes, particularly in metal finishes. You can choose anything from warm copper to cool steel to create a unique look, and custom fabrication involves welding, to prevent joints that can attract bacteria. One bonus of copper: in addition to looking glamorous, it also has antibacterial properties.
  • Choose your appliances with care. Consider the needs of your family, and invest in high-end appliances that will meet those needs. Take your time, looking for appliances that are not only practical but also stylish. Appliances anchor the kitchen and should elevate its style and functionality.
  • Use your fixtures to create an elegant look. A designer kitchen faucet can make a big impact, with its sleek lines and gorgeous finish. Make sure, though, that while you’re choosing the various elements of your kitchen design, you pick fixtures that meld together well. Light fixtures and faucets that are made of completely different metals, for example, can look odd or out of place. This doesn’t mean you have to match your drawer pulls to your drain, but every element of your kitchen should work well together, while not matching exactly.
  • Little touches make a big difference. Spend time with your design, making sure to put thought into every little detail. Small things like hardware for your cabinetry, or crown molding in the kitchen, can make a major impact on the overall look of the finished kitchen.

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