Tub to a shower

Must-Know Tips for Converting a Tub to a Shower

If you’re looking for bathroom remodel ideas, converting a tub to a shower is one that can really modernize a bathroom. If you live in an older home without a shower, you can add value to your house and create a more convenient bathroom design by installing one. However, there are some things you need to know before you decide to convert your tub to a shower.

  • If you’re planning to tear out the tub entirely and build a new shower, think carefully about whether this is the right choice. First, it’s a big job and requires an experienced professional. It’s important to have the area properly waterproofed, and to consider things like whether a shower door will comfortably fit in the space. If not, a partial glass door or a shower curtain may be a better fit. Then, too, if this is the only bathtub in your house, you could be reducing the resale value of your home by demolishing it.
  • A less drastic option is to install a shower/bath combo. You can keep your existing bathtub and just plumbing for a shower. To waterproof the area, you may want to consider tiling the walls around the bath and shower. You can also install a traditional bath/shower unit, which can be an inexpensive solution. Some people choose bath fitters to create a seamless wall rather than tile. If accessibility is an issue that concerns you, you might want to consider replacing your tub with a walk-in tub and then adding a shower.
  • Don’t underestimate the scope of this project. Converting a tub to a shower is not a small job. It requires careful planning and measurement, and if you’re completely removing the tub, it will need to be demolished and hauled away. Be prepared for surprises like water damage, which could elevate the cost. It’s important to be prepared to spend money on good materials and fixing damage or leaks. Make sure, too, that you understand how long the project is going to take before you begin.
  • It’s wise to keep the shower in the same location, if possible. If you’re eager to create a more aesthetically pleasing home design and feel your bathroom would benefit from moving the shower, it can, technically, be done. However, it’s a laborious and expensive task because it requires repositioning the water supply and drainage lines.
  • Have a cohesive plan before you begin. You’ll want your new shower to look as though it’s always belonged in that bathroom. Put some effort into planning, and consider the aesthetics, so that you’ll be pleased with the result. Hiring an experienced professional can help ensure that the project goes well, and the finished product is one you’ll be happy with for a long time.

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