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12 Phoenix Newsmen You Want to Take a Bath With!

You know what’s better than a hot bath? A hot bath with one of Phoenix’s hunky newsmen! With so many to choose from, how do you begin to pick the best bathtub partner? Don’t worry. We got you covered! We polled ladies (and even a guy or two) around The Valley to help us decide which local newsmen should make our list in “12 Phoenix Newsmen You Want To Take A Bath With!” Fox, NBC, and ABC supplied us with the highest number of desirable men. Meanwhile, CBS only provided one (but what a good one it is)! So, without further ado, here are our winners (in no particular order)!

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12. Joe Dana

Joe Dana joined the Channel 12 news team in 2001, and we have about 2,001 reasons why he would make the perfect bathtub partner.

First, he’s super handsome! Do you need the other 2,000 reasons? The looks definitely run in the family, too. His father was “Mr. Little Arizona 1947” (when he was 5 years-old) and his mother was “Miss Senior Arizona 2014” (at age 68). Joe, we’ll start preparing your crown now.

Then, once you’re taking a bath with Joe – ask him to talk to you. He can say anything. Read a phonebook. (Do they still print phonebooks?) Because with more than ten years in the Phoenix news market, he has perfected that intoxicating newsman voice! Helloooo, Joe!

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11. Dan Spindle

It’s Dan Spindle everyone! He’s an Arizona native who loves to stay active by hiking and playing tennis. With all of that exercise, there’s a good chance he wouldn’t mind unwinding with a hot bath at the end of the day.

But he won’t be able to stay in the bath for long. In addition to be a morning anchor for ABC 15, he also teaches the fundamentals of television and radio at Scottsdale Community College! Maybe he’ll teach you something during your bath?

When asked to comment about receiving this prestigious honor he said, “I’m a shower man, myself… You can’t overstate the importance of daily hygiene!”


10. Ron Hoon

Ron Hoon is hilarious and awesome! Simple as that.

He is the weekday morning anchor on Fox 10 and says that he has “the best job in the world.” Apparently, part of having the best job in the world includes loads of ladies wanting to take a bath with you! Good job, Ron! You must be doing something right.

Great hair, a great smile, and a great TV personality make him one of the most desired newsmen to “rub-a-dub-dub” with. Plus, as a morning anchor he’ll be home in time for a long afternoon bath. Sounds like a good gig to me! Ladies, do you agree?

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9. Ty Brennan

Ty grew up in Utah and co-anchors the Saturday morning show for Fox Phoenix. When he’s not bringing you the latest of Phoenix news, he’s flying planes around the valley or hanging out with his dog, Hank! Who doesn’t love a guy who loves dogs?

Ty makes his viewers weak in the knees with that perfect smile and piercing blue eyes. Sure, he may be on the young side, but that just means he still has thousands of romantic baths ahead of him!

Ask Ty for pictures of him & Hank on his Twitter – right here!





8. Mark Curtis

Mark Curtis has been a staple in the Phoenix news market for decades, covering everything from late-breaking news to the Olympics! While he’s made his way into your living rooms as the evening anchor for Channel 12, the vast majority of you also wouldn’t mind having him make his way into your bathtub! I mean, who doesn’t love a well-groomed mustache on a distinguished gentleman? Move over “Most Interesting Man In the World,” Mr. Curtis is here! Oh, and did you know he was a pre-med major in college and wanted to be a doctor? Mark, we know some ladies who would totally let you “play doctor”… but they may just have to settle for watching him on TV in the bathtub.

We reached out to Mark to let him know he made our coveted list and this is what he had to say: “Wow! I’m flattered!! I am definitely a shower guy….kind of boring. But I do take several a day!  Thanks so much for including me as one of your ‘clean guys’!!!!”

No, Mark. Thank you.

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 7. Matt Pace

“It’s raining men!” And Dr. Matt Pace is one man who knows alllll about the rain as a meteorologist for Channel 12. Matt completed his BS, MA & PhD in the field of climatology/meteorology from Arizona State University. Go Devils!

Have you ever wondered why it keeps getting hotter in Arizona? It’s not because of global warming. It’s because of Matt Pace! He’s heating up The Valley like no other! And what better way to beat the heat than to take a cool bath with Matt Pace? He’ll run you through his “paces” too… bad joke, but we had to.

Who wouldn’t want their 7 day forecast to include a daily bath with Dr. Matt Pace?

The doctor is on Twitter! 



6. Tyler Baldwin

Sure, athletes may recover after a strenuous workout by taking ice baths, but Channel 3 Sports Reporter Tyler Baldwin doesn’t have to endure such agony. He says he lacks the talent to play sports. That may be surprising, but where he doesn’t lack talent is in his good-looks! He has that high school quarterback charm. We definitely wouldn’t keep him on the bench. We’d keep him in the tub! And that’s why this sports addict tops our list.

Here’s our question, though: is he the forgotten Baldwin Brother?

Ask him and let’s find out! You can ask him on Twitter!





5. Scott Pasmore

If ReBath and Kitchens knows anything, it’s remodeling the most important spaces in your home. Maybe that’s why we are so found of Scott Pasmore, the Channel 3 news anchor. Scott loves remodeling homes too – when he’s not flying his airplane! But remodeling isn’t his only talent. He’s also good at looking good, which is why he is definitely one of our fan favorites.

When asked to comment about this prestigious distinction, Pasmore replied, “Wow what an honor! I’m a shower guy, suds from head to toe with a puff…followed by sesame oil!”

Scott, what’s a “puff?” Anyone? Anyone know anything about a “puff?” All we know is that there are a lot of ladies who would die to be that sesame oil!

Regardless, check him out on Twitter. He’s a cool guy.



4. Brandon Hamilton

After graduating high school, Brandon Hamilton moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a movie actor. So, if you ever wanted to share a bath with someone who was almost a movie star… Hamilton is the guy for you! Hamilton says that he also has a “mysterious side,” such as “exploring the unexplained, whether it is ghost stories, myths, or even UFOs.” Hey, Hamilton… What about exploring the deep waters of a jacuzzi tub with us?

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3. Jonathan Lowe

Jonathan is the only man to make it from his CBS station. This is sure to give him unlimited bragging rights for the rest of his career.

Jonathan Lowe is a true southern gentleman, growing up in Charlotte, North Carolina. He says that in the last three years he has learned to cook “a mean turkey lasagna.” While we can appreciate a man’s skill in the kitchen, our focus group was more interested in his skills in scrubbing – in the bathtub! We can see it in his eyes. We bet he loves a good bath.

Oh. And you see that sunset in his picture? He caused the sun to set. That’s right, the sun was too embarrassed to be seen near such a handsome guy.

Tweet this stoic fella! Maybe he’ll make you turkey lasagna!


2. Troy Hayden

Why does Troy Hayden make our list of the best newsmen to bathe with? Well, we can use all the Emmys he has as bath toys! That’s right. When you bathe with Troy Hayden, you bathe with an Emmy award-winning journalist! Plus, his work with the Phoenix Fire Department enables him to withstand the heat of your steamy end-of-day soak. He also has a smile that could warm-up a cool Arizona evening.

Theorists theorize that Brad Pitt used Troy Hayden for inspiration in his movie Troy. Great job, Troy. We’ll save some bubbles for you!

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1. Steven Irvin

Steven Irvin (not Steve Irwin) is a weekday evening anchor for ABC 15. The picture speaks for itself. Who wouldn’t want to be up to their nose in bubbles with this grinnin’ newsman? When he’s not bringing you the latest and greatest of Phoenix news, he’s playing golf, working out, or…joining you in the tub? Maybe one day. Dreams do come true, you know.

Any man confident enough to rock a pink tie is a man you would want to share champagne with while soaking in a jet tub. You go, Steven!

Steven and his tie can be found on Twitter.




That’s our list! Did we miss anyone? Who is your number 1?  Tweet us your suggestion!