Kitchen Remodels To Keep Your Kitchen Clean!

Gear Your Kitchen Remodel Toward Squeaky Clean Results


As we’ve covered in previous posts, kitchens in 2015 are not only a place where we cook but also a place to entertain and hang out. After the dust has settled and the materials have set from your remodel, nothing is more fun than showing off your new kitchen to friends and family. However, making the most of your new kitchen could mean incorporating additional cleaning time into your already busy schedule – a headache that no one enjoys. Our advice: gear your kitchen remodel towards making cleaning easy, and you’ll be able to enjoy your new space without the extra effort.

With diverse kitchen materials now available to install in every corner of your kitchen, the cleaning process of what you select is definitely something that should be considered when making your final decisions for your remodel. Think you’ve got the perfect countertop picked out? It might be a porous material that will be susceptible to dangerous bacteria growth. Got that vinyl tile flooring pattern that just fits perfectly with your motif? You may want to choose again. When it comes right down to it, the diversity of materials in your kitchen and their proximity to food and drink make it one of the most tedious and difficult places in the house to keep clean, and adding materials that require a labor-intensive cleaning process certainly won’t help. Today we’re going to examine all of the areas of your kitchen you’re looking to update with your remodel and show you the best solutions out there for creating a cooking space that is as easy to clean as it is to enjoy.

Kitchen Countertops

Whether you’re cutting meat for an upcoming meal, sorting the day’s mail or preparing tomorrow’s lunch, cleanliness is of the utmost importance every time you go to use your countertops. They can be made from all types of materials like marble, granite, and even concrete, but few offer a non-porous, virtually scratch-free surface that’s easy to clean and easy on the eyes. For a natural and beautiful look, Quartz countertops can offer you a cutting-edge counter surface that is elegant and long-lasting. Unlike granite and some other softer stones, Quartz isn’t susceptible to stains or invasive moisture, creating an easy-to-clean stunning countertop solution that is perfect in any home. For alternative options, soapstone, laminate, and even stainless steel can be great easy clean choices depending on your budget, design, and sense of whimsy.

Kitchen Flooring

We all know what types of flooring not to put in our kitchen (mainly carpet), but the real question lingers: what type of flooring actually works best? The answer here is a bit complicated, and really depends heavily on your own personal preference as no material is perfect. Though tile, the traditional choice for kitchens, is relatively easy to clean, the grout does have the potential for staining and wear. Tile also makes for a less-than-comfortable surface for long periods of standing time, which can be pretty routine in the kitchen. Wood floors are always a great choice but are susceptible to buckling with significant moisture and temperature changes, making them a high-maintenance choice that also requires extra care in the event of a spill.

The list goes on and on, but remodelers that are looking for the easiest clean should consider the old standby linoleum, or the more complicated concrete flooring, both of which offer long-lasting options with contemporary looks.

The Right Kitchen Appliances

Though a USA Today survey shows that they’re something homebuyers are willing to pay more for, stainless steel appliances don’t make the grade when it comes to things that are easy to keep clean. Stainless steel is notorious for highlighting fingerprints and other oil smudges, and unless you’re in the mood to wax regularly, might be something you want to stay away from. The same is true for black appliances. Though these neutral-colored appliances tend to match with a majority of design schemes, they’re also highlighters of dust, fingerprints, and other types of film – a real headache to keep clean. White appliances, which never go out of style, are by far your best choice when it comes to keeping up appearances. If a clean and clutter-less look tops your priority list, white appliances are most likely your best bet.

In a similar manner, the new homebuyer market may prefer a gas stove, a glass-topped electric oven is the easier of the two heating sources to clean on a consistent basis. Though gas burners give you better temperature control in the cooking process, electric stovetops are the best choices for an easy cleaning regimen.

Let’s Wrap It Up

The key to creating a kitchen that makes for easy clean up doesn’t lay only with the materials you choose, but also how well they work together. For instance: if you’ve got countertops that require a different cleaner or cleaning process from your backsplash, you’re cleaning time and effort are going to go through the roof. A good rule of thumb when picking the components for your kitchen is to consider how it will interact with every other material it touches. Chances are, not only will this line of thinking help you end up with a kitchen that looks the best, but will also give you a remodel that cleans up the easiest as well.

When discussing your ideal remodel outcomes with your Phoenix Arizona 5 Day Kitchens representative, let them know that creating an easy-to-clean space is at the top of your priority list. Their knowledge and experience will help you make choices that will not only look great but will help your keep your kitchen cleaner, longer, freeing you up to prepare your favorite meals for friends and family. You can contact 5 Day Kitchens of Arizona by calling: (480) 998-8900.

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