Creating The Best Outdoor Kitchen

Creating The Best Outdoor Kitchen in Maricopa County

As one of the top retirement and vacation destinations in the United States, it’s no secret that Arizona has some of the most consistently beautiful weather in the entire country. The golf course, the playground, and the local parks are all great ways to take advantage of all the sunshine. However, despite the awesome climate, most of us have such busy schedules that we’re prevented from spending as much time outside enjoying the beautiful weather as we’d like to. If you’re looking for a great way to add some more outdoor time into your schedule, and, at the same time, create a truly one-of-a-kind space for your home, it’s time you consider adding to your house what the Deseret News calls one of the most popular trends in outdoor renovations: the outdoor kitchen.

The value of adding an outdoor kitchen to your home isn’t just about the awesome hours you’ll spend eating, cooking, and entertaining outside, it’s also about the cold, hard numbers. In fact, an article in the New York Times identified building an outdoor kitchen as a great way to get “a lot of bang for your (remodel) buck.” The same article states that because outdoor kitchens are considered a perk by many potential home-buyers, their addition can also help your home sell quickly once you put it on the market. So, whether you’re planning to put your house up for sale this summer, or may consider selling in the future, the numbers are clear: an outdoor kitchen can be a great way to increase desirability.


Now that you know why adding an outdoor kitchen is a great way to make your home everything you want it to be, it’s time to turn our focus to the biggest question surrounding outdoor kitchens: what should my design include?

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Must Haves for your Outdoor Kitchen


Every chef wants more counter space in their kitchen to prepare meals, and an outdoor kitchen is no exception. Many of the great looks and materials you can use in your indoor kitchen can be used outdoors as well, but some special considerations must be taken when choosing the look you want. A natural material like stone is a great option for your counters, but be sure to select a harder stone like granite that will stand up to the environmental conditions it’s sure to encounter: constant sunshine, intense summer heat, as well as rain and rapid fluctuations in humidity. Concrete and tile countertops are also great options for more cost-conscious and can help create unique looks that are both functional and fashionable.

As important as countertops themselves is the addition of a wet bar – a must for every outdoor kitchen. Stainless Steel is by far the popular material of choice for your sink and faucet, and they can be conveniently routed right into your normal plumbing, or made to drain into the ground below to help keep your lawn and garden hydrated. Sinks also make a great makeshift color when a backyard party calls for drinks on ice.

Cooking Surface

Anybody can have a grill in their backyard, but a simple grill does not an outdoor kitchen make. Along with your favorite BBQer, additional cooking options can be added to your outdoor kitchen to create an awesome cooking space for any number of chefs. Add a traditional gas cooktop to your design for the versatility to prepare any meal you can prepare indoors outside. The gas cooktop, alongside your grill, will allow you to seamlessly create side dishes to accompany the main course you cook up on the old reliable BBQ.

The versatility of an outdoor kitchen also allows you to add features that may not fit into a normal kitchen like a pizza oven (which can reach temperatures over 600 degrees making it a safer option in an outdoor kitchen), a hardwood smoker that can help you prepare authentic BBQ dishes or a clay tandoori oven for cooking up your favorite ethnic cuisines. Not only will these great additions to your outdoor kitchen give you the flexibility to cook any dish you want, but they will also help make your outdoor cooking space an interactive good time for guests.


Though it doesn’t seem that traditional kitchen appliances and the unpredictability of weather would really be a great mix, almost all of your favorite time-saving appliances are available for outdoor use thanks to the growing popularity of the outdoor cooking space. Along with the cooking surface of your choosing, at the very least, be sure to consider adding some kind of refrigeration unit to your design. Not only will a second refrigerator offer you more storage space for food, but it will also prevent you from having to run inside every time you need a new ingredient during the cooking process.

Don’t forget: building an outdoor kitchen is about building an area that is fun and relaxing, and the convenience of outdoor appliances will help ensure you can spend your time relaxing with friends rather than running in and out of the house.

Entertaining Space

Everyone knows that half the fun of cooking is eating, and the addition of an outdoor kitchen opens up a great opportunity for an awesome entertaining space. Asides from the traditional table and chairs or breakfast bar, consider incorporating stone benches, a fire pit, or other great seating options into your outdoor kitchen design. These will help turn your backyard into a destination of fun, and the go-to spot for family-and-friends get-togethers.

Though we’ve only gone over the basics here, customizing your outdoor kitchen to your wants and needs is the best way to create a new living space that you’ll love. However, like designing any other room, your results will depend directly on working the right designers and contractors. With years of experience and industry-leading knowledge, 5 Day Kitchens is the perfect partner to help you achieve the backyard entertaining space of your dreams without the fear of an inflated price tag or a job done wrong.

Whether you’re looking to add great monetary value to your home as you ready it for the market, or you’re simply looking to add an awesome relaxing outdoor space to spend time with friends and family, an outdoor kitchen gives you the best of all worlds. Let your Phoenix kitchen remodelers at 5 Day Kitchens help you make the most of your outdoor space by starting your outdoor kitchen project today. You can set up your free consultation by contacting us.

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