Remodeling Your Home in Scottsdale

The house you just bought was a terrific bargain. You are now able to live in your preferred neighborhood at a lower cost than you expected. Now what? Your next step might be to undertake a Scottsdale remodeling project that will bring your house from dated to worthy of a magazine spread. ReBath & 5 Days Kitchens® can help you uncover the gem after your Scottsdale remodeling project. Since 1979, their reputation for bath and kitchen renovations has remained untouched. They were even named Franchise of The Year in 2015!

The Scottsdale Housing Market Is Back!

There are those who are still shy about the Scottsdale housing market and are hesitant to “throw good money after bad.” Not to worry! From 2012 to 2013, the Scottsdale housing market has increased in value 26 percent. Thankfully, the national slump created by the housing bubble in 2006 is nearly at an end and things are pretty much back to normal.*

The over-leveraged house flippers who caused the bubble in the first place have almost disappeared from the market. According to the W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University, investor flips are down 43 percent in the Phoenix area in the past year. Responsible investors are taking their place. Those investors are now looking for long-term investments often paid for in cash.

Because of that change, the real estate market is now healthier than ever and a proper investment in your home can be a predictable safe bet.


How to Plan a Face-lift for Your “New” Home

You got the house in the neighborhood that’s right for you for a great price. Now, you want to make the house a real treasure for your family. Kitchens and baths are the two most important rooms to remodel to reach that status. Sometimes, a dash of paint is just not enough for those rooms.

First, decide on a budget, considering both neighborhood price levels and the needs of your family.

Next, what do you want to realize from the remodeling project? Do you just need a general facelift? Or do you need some major remodeling?

Does your home have a kitchen and bathrooms that are decades out of date and need a complete overhaul as soon as possible? The challenge is to balance your family’s needs and wants against your budget and time-line.

A ReBath & 5 Days Kitchens® designer will visit your home and show you exactly how you can make the changes you want within your budget and time-line. They will show you where you need to focus first, where your money is best spent and how to plan for more projects in the future. Now, you will have a remodeling plan that will bring your home up to the level you desire on time and within budget.

Our designer will bring a variety of colors and finishes so you can see exactly how they look in your home. Our designer will give you many suggestions for new products on the market which will work perfectly for your home.


Your Trusted Remodeling Partner

We offer financing for your remodeling project so that you will be able realize the kitchen or bath or your dreams. Since 1979, we have been a trusted member of the business community. We are a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ Rating.

ReBath & 5 Days Kitchens® is a certified Partner of Rosie on the House and authorized Home Depot bathroom remodeler.

If you are thinking about a Scottsdale remodeling project, call our office at (480) 998-8900 and make an appointment for a designer to meet with you in your home. We will show you exactly how we can make your Scottsdale remodeling dream come true.


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